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Maquis Forces International Chapters
MFS Eclipse

Dragonfly with external aux ship 1B-1.jpg

Maquis Forces Kirkland, WA - MFS Eclipse
The Mission of the MFS Eclipse is to bring about a more caring, compassionate future where we can all be accepted... even when we shed all over the furniture.
Learn about us by checking us out on Facebook or G+ - Aurora Clubs and Charities!

Rushing On the Winds of Destiny!

Crew Roster


Name Rank Insignia Position
Saros Legend Captain Capt_Red_Sim.png Commanding Officer
T'chillin Commander Cmdr_Red_Sim.png Executive Officer
Chibiabos Volffe Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ltjg_Yellow_Sim.png Operations Officer
Rennifur d'Agincourt Lieutenant Lt_Blue_Sim.png Science Officer
Seurak Mazurek Ensign Ens_Yellow_Sim.png Security Officer
Calibubasti Lieutenant Lt_Yellow_Sim.png Engineer
Brennac Firefluff Ensign Ens_Yellow_Sim.png Communications
Rios Da'alrakken Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ltjg_Blue_Sim.png Planetary Survey Specialist

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