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MFMC Commbadge Mourning.JPG
G/SGT (Ret.) Ken Holmes USMC
Commodore Gary Hollifield

Participating ChapterParticipating ChapterParticipating ChapterParticipating ChapterParticipating ChapterParticipating ChapterParticipating Chapter

1st Maquis Light Horse RCT


History of the MFS Impetuous

Awards and Recognitions

Farewell to my Friend

M.F.S. Impetuous honors our serving members

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Specialist (E-4) Jordan Lackey U.S.Army National Guard
Currently: At Home

pip_vadm_green.jpg Commanding Officer

Lieutenant General Marc Easterly

pip_como_red.jpg Executive Officer

Commodore Gary Hollifield

pip_cdr_red.jpg Second Officer

Commander Debbie Butcher

pip_cdr_red.jpg Chief of Operations

Commander Susan Mahaffey

pip_capt_green.jpg Commander 1st Maquis Light Horse RCT

Colonel Manuel Guajardo

pip_mcpo_red.jpg Command Master Chief Petty Officer/Chief of the Boat

Master Chief Petty Officer Donna Gillis

pip_mcpom_green.jpg Command Sergeant Major/ SGTMAJ of the MFMC

SGTMAJ Bill Absher

pip_capt_green.jpg Commander Air Group (C.A.G. Officer)

Colonel Manuel Guajardo

pip_cdr_green.jpg Chief of Security

Lieutenant Colonel Fleona Dysast'ar

pip_lcdr_green.jpg Commander Battle Armor Detachment

Major Robert Roark

pip_lt_green.jpg Commander Mekk Group (C.M.G. Officer)

Marine Captain Robert Beard

pip_ens_green.jpg Commander Recon Detachment

Second Lieutenant David Hollifield

pip_lt_green.jpg Commander Armor Group

Marine Captain Misty Roark

pip_lcdr_green.jpg Provost Marshall

Major Jim Power

pip_lt_green.jpg Commander Combat Engineer Detachment

Marine Captain Jason Pack

pip_lt_green.jpg Commander 8019th Marine Rifle Company

Marine Captain Jason Singleton

pip_lt_green.jpg Commander 1820th Marine Rifle Company

Marine Captain Jordan Lackey

pip_ens_green.jpg Commander 1263rd Marine Rifle Company

2nd Lieutenant Virgil Stillwell

pip_ens_green.jpg Commander 2158th Marine Rifle Company

2nd Lieutenant Patrick Litton

pip_mcpo_green.jpg Mekk Pilot/SGTMAJ of 2nd Reg.

Sergeant Major Steven Gillis

pip_mcpo_green.jpg Aeromedicine Charge Nurse

SGTMAJ Sam Christy

pip_mcpo_green.jpg Mekk Pilot

Master Gunnery Sergeant Mikel Beggs

pip_e7_green.jpg Marine Recon

Gunnery Sergeant Linda Hall

pip_e6_green.jpg Marine Pilot

Staff Sergeant Cliff Phillips

pip_e5_green.jpg Mekk Pilot

Sergeant Brandon Ritter

pip_e6_red.jpg Naval Pilot

Petty Officer 1st Class Ashlee Weddell

pip_e5_green.jpg Mekk Pilot

Sergeant Teri Autrey

pip_e8_green.jpg Mekk Pilot

First Sergeant Angelica Hollifield

pip_cdr_red.jpg Chief Medical Officer

Commander Mandy Rollins

pip_lcdr_red.jpg Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Aaron Wiggs

pip_lt_red.jpg Chief of Toxicology

Lieutenant Donna Hollifield

pip_ens_red.jpg Ships Counselor

Ensign Tania Hollifield

pip_como_red.jpg Chief Security Officer

Commodore Bre Treillis

pip_capt_red.jpg Communications Officer

Captain Purrzah Treillis

pip_lcdr_red.jpg Chief of Cryptology and Cyber-investigations

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Ratterree

pip_lt_red.jpg Chief Investigator

Lieutenant Arkved

pip_lt_red.jpg Forensic Specialist

Lieutenant Ibicella Lutae

pip_cdr_red.jpg Chief of Engineering

Commander Josh Brown

pip_lt_red.jpg Assistant Chief of Engineering

Lieutenant Patrick Power

pip_mcpo_red.jpg Chief of Maintenance

Master Chief Petty Officer Jacob Taylor Hollifield

pip_lcdr_red.jpg Navigation/Astrometrics

Lieutenant Commander Timothy Glaesmann

pip_como_red.jpg JAG Adjutant

Commodore Gary Hollifield

pip_lcdr_red.jpg Internal Affairs

Lieutenant Commander Aaron Wiggs

pip_capt_red.jpg Chief Counsel

Captain Kevin Cozart

--RAdm Logan Andrews 19:35, 19 November 2005 (PST)

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