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Maquis Forces Kalamazoo, MI

MFS Liberty MCC-112004-A
General Trentin Anara's(aka Christina Doane) Flagship.
For more detail, MFS Liberty Website

Port of Call: MFS Liberty Newsletter Archives

More Detailed Information on the MFS Liberty's Marine Contingents



Command Staff

pip_fadm_upd.jpg Commanding Officer

General Trentin Anara aka Christina Doane

pip_lcdr_upd.jpg Executive Officer

Lcdr. Korel Res aka James Westbrook

pip_lt_upd.jpg Chief of Operations/2nd Officer

Lt. M'Rao aka Dawn Hess

Operations Staff

pip_lt_upd.jpg Chief of Operations/2nd Officer

Lt. M'Rao aka Dawn Hess

pip_ens_upd.jpg Operations Officer

Ensign Serena Newby

Ship Tactical Forces

Note of explanation: A combination of tactical, security, and marine unit. In short these guys are the one stop shopping for boom.

Chief Ship Forces Tactical Officer

Marine Captain Xiannah aka Suzi Grossman


Ship Tactical Forces Cadet

Cadet 3rd Year Lilly "Klingonsbane" Grossman

Ship Special Assets

pip_ltjg_upd.jpg Chief of Ship Special Assets
1Lt. D'Zart aka JacQuline Kleinsmith

mcadet1.jpg Special Assets Cadet
Cadet 1st Year Harley Cox


pip_ens_upd.jpg Chief Engineering Officer

Ensign Kim Olson

pip_lcdr_upd.jpg Chief Chief R and D Engineering Officer

Major Ralph Benton White


pip_ltjg_upd.jpg Chief Science Officer

LtJg. Kim Vallance

pip_ltjg_upd.jpg Chief Science R & D Officer

LtJg. Sarlil zh'Theliv aka Des (Heather) Holsclaw


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Cire, MD. aka James Doane

pip_ltjg_upd.jpg Chief Counselor

1Lt. D'Zart aka JacQuline Kleinsmith

pip_lcdr_upd.jpg Counselor

Lt. Commander Cathy Doane(Reserves)

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--General Christina Doane 22:36, 20 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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