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IMS Sutherland, like most of the original Maquis International chapters, was formed by former Starfleet International members who were disheartened in the direction other Fan Organizations were heading.

Sutherland was originally to be an SFI Shuttle/Sister Ship of the USS Nebula (another Nebula Class Starship). In the Summer of 1994, When Captain Gary Davis announced the Nebula's break from Starfleet International and asked if Sutherland would like to help develop a Brand New Star Trek Fan Organization comprised of Self Governing Chapters (Cells), how could we resist?

Originally based in Melbourne, FL, IMS Sutherland is a Founding Chapter of Maquis Forces International, the First Completely Internet Based Star Trek Fan Organization, dedicated to the Enjoyment and Fun of all forms of Trek.

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The IMS Sutherland Library

Rob Johnson, IC 2004-2007
15 Dec 2006

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