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Hull Name: IMS Colorado
Hull Number: NCC-77399-A
Ship Class: Runabout
Ship Type: Long Range Shuttle
Mother Ship: IMS Sutherland

Overall Length: 26 Meters
Overall Beam: 16.1 Meters
Overall Draft: 5.4 Meters


Minimum Crew: 1 Supplemental Crew: Abridged ECH
Passengers: 4 Total Berthing Capacity: 6


Maximum Velocity: Warp 8.5
Cruising Velocity: Warp 5


Standard Personnel: 1
Max Objects Per Cycle: 2
Supplemental transporters: None


Type IX Phaser Arrays: 3
Micro-Torpedo Launchers: 2
Torpedo Type: 20 Micro-Photon

... Fedbottom1a.GIF
FADM Johnson's personal runabout is currently stationed on Deck 29, the refit Runabout Hanger Deck, aboard IMS Sutherland.

Ideally, a runabout is piloted by two crew members, although one experienced pilot, or an Abridged ECH will suffice. The pilot's consoles are forward facing in front of a three piece wrap-around windscreen. The bridge section can accommodate up to seven people. The cockpit windscreens are equipped with retractable blast shutters. Holographic view screens mounted within the cabin may be used for External Viewing when blast shutters are activated. These Holographic view screens may also be used for Video Communication and Ship Status Displays.

The Specialty Recreational Vehicle modules, as well as the abridged ECH program were designed by the FADM himself. This long-range, Valhalla Model Runabout allows the owner to either travel alone with the aid of the ECH program, or with his band of "Usual Suspects". This Runabout modification sleeps 4 comfortably (6 maximum).

Valhalla Model Deck Plan

Arrow runabout side.jpg Arrow runabout over.jpg

Rob Johnson, FADM
Designed 14 Mar 2006 Updated 11 Apr 2009

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