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Special Summit

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The Special Summit runabout is parked on Pad A at MFI Headquarters - Empok Nor.

This runabout is staffed by 4 Crew members selected from Security and Command. The pilot's consoles are forward facing in front of two large windows. The two large windows are equipped with retractable blast shutters. View screens mounted within the forward corners of the cabin are used for External Viewing, Video Communication and Ship Status displays.

For security of Delegates, as well as the Crew, this runabout is equipped with retinal scan locks between the Summit section, the Transporter / Lounge modules and the Crew Modules. This enables the Rear "Delegate" section to be completely separate from the front "Crew" section. The delegates may feel secure in knowing that there will be no unwanted "interruptions".


Runabout Deck Plan and Specifications
Summit Version:

Length: 24 Meters
Width: 10 Meters
Height: 7 Meters
Decks: 1
Crew: 4
Max Life Support: 18

Propulsion Systems
MARA MicroCochrane Warp-module
Warp Tractor Beam Capable

Deck Plan Weapon Systems:

Primary: 4 Type IX Phaser Emitters
Secondary: Micro-Photon Torpedoes - 2 Launchers
Defensive: Auto Modulated Shields, Ablative Armor
Transporter Systems:
Personnel Transporters: 1
Max Objects / Cycle: 7

Computer System:
LCARS Crew Interface

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Rob Johnson, IC
07 May 2006

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