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Main Briefing

The Sutherland Group is being joined by MFS Phantom Zone and MFS Sea of Tranquility (SoT) for this mission. These are two Changeling / Founders, Commodore Yazdir and Agent Lares. The Sutherland Group will be known as Group 8, which will be part of Task Force Orange. Group 8's mission will be to engage the Aerospace Facility of the 904th Aerospace Wing in order to expeditiously knock down their Air Power within the opening moments of the Main Offensive.
Sehlat Mission Patch
You may be wondering about the new Mission Patch you've been issued... For this particular operation, SEALS Team 1 will go by Code Name: Sehlat. Please replace your Standard Team 1 patch with this new Ops patch.
Our SOC Advance Teams have sent us Maps of the Local System & Layout of the Facility in order to plan our strategy.
(Bring up the maps, please)
  • 7 Days prior to Kick-Off, SEALS Team 1 will transport over to Sea of Tranquility.
    • Once Phantom Zone and Sea of Tranquility Cloak and get within Jamming range of the facility, Sea of Tranquility will touch down... Here...
    • We will monitor the following Primary Objectives:
      • The Control Tower... Here,
      • The Communications Center... Here
    • Identify potential Valuable Prisoners.
    • We will also monitor the following Secondary Objectives:
      • The Ordnance Bunkers... Here... and Here,
      • and the Deuterium Depot... Here.
    • Be advised, We Do have a Green Light to also "paint" any other Targets of Opportunity for the Main Group.
Here's where it gets tight...
  • Once we receive our Activation Signal, we will have Less than 30 minutes to:
  1. Completely Neutralize our Secondary targets and
  2. Capture the Primary Objectives, fitting any Key Officers with Transporter Arm Bands, to be Beamed Up to Phantom Zone's detention cells for interrogation.
Successful completion of these two objectives will enable Sutherland to assume a Geosynchronous Orbit, launch the Wyld Stallyns Fighter wing and finish the base.
  • Once Again People...From the time we receive our Activation Signal, we will have Less than 30 minutes to take out Both Objectives and make it back to Sea of Tranquility, so until Kick-Off occurs, I expect you will all be utilizing Holodecks 1 & 2 for Mission Simulations.

Transporter Arm Band
Okay... Points of interest...
  • Phantom Zone will be our Forward Eyes & Ears on this mission, as well as the "Receiving Center" for our "Guests" so make Sure
    • your communicators are set to monitor her frequency, as well as SoT's and
    • make sure she has your Transporter Arm Band Signatures.
Once back aboard Sutherland, we may get a chance to grab a quick Sonic Shower and a 'Chino before picking up Fox and Hound and rejoining the hunt. [Grin]
That is all... Let's get some Lunch before we start the Holodeck Sims...

Mission Update: 3 Days Post Insertion

This received from Strike Team Orange...
Insertion successful, Sehlat in place, Surveillance equipment installed, Visual monitoring active and All Objectives Located.
  • Primary Objective Report:
    • Control Tower: Normal Activity, nothing unusual.
    • Communications Center: Increased Activity noted and monitored.
  • Persons Of Interest Report:
    • 3 Unidentified Orions of significance: These gentlemen are receiving notable respect from both Orion Staff and Cardassian Military.
    • 1 Cardassian Legate: Identity Unknown. Possibly Turrel, or Krim.
      • Recognition programming working... Will try to obtain latent DNA for analysis.
  • Secondary Objective Report:
    • Ordnance Bunkers: Transporter activity showing minimum of 2 deliveries per day.
    • Deuterium Depot: Deliveries Daily, indicating Stockpiling for something large. These should make for a magnificent Fireworks Display.
  • Targets of Opportunity Report: This is indeed a Target Rich Environment.
    • Numerous targets noted and tagged for the Main Assault Wing. Sehlat will activate "paint" upon extraction.

Mission Update: 904th Aerospace Wing Attack

This received from Strike Team Orange...
  • Primary Objectives, Control Tower and Communications Center captured. Minimal resistance at the Tower, Minor injuries acquired taking the Comm Center.
  • Cardassian Legate and 2 Orion Sub-Bosses captured and beamed to Phantom Zone. 3rd Orion killed in action.
  • Secondary Objectives, Ordinance Bunkers and Deuterium surrendered without resistance... No need to destroy, resources available for Maquis use.
    • Sutherland Teams to return to scan for booby traps at their earliest convenience.
  • All Sehlat Team members back aboard "Sea of Tranquility", returning to Sutherland for Medical treatment, Rehab and reassignment.

Battle Group 8 (Sutherland) Update

Sutherland Log... Main attack commenced on time, Strike Team Orange extracted and main assault commenced. With their Communications down, Battle Group 8 had a definite advantage.
  • I am sorry to say that Wyld Stallyn 3 was destroyed in action... All hands lost. Commendations for those who gave their lives.
  • Awaiting the rendezvous with Phantom Zone and our "Guests".
  • Ordinance Away Teams are preparing to beam down to the compound to perform an extensive scan for sabotaged Deuterium Tanks and Munitions surrendered by the Orions.

SEALS Team 1 Reassignment

Listen Up...
We'll have to grab lunch after we get under way... We're back in the hunt.
Here's our new orders:
GravBike & Transporter Specialty Modules
"SEALS Team 1 is ordered to immediately redeploy to Abtar VI to rescue the crew of a downed SOC PAVE Intruder.
The PAVE was shot down shortly after rescuing a fighter pilot who was forced to eject from his starfighter.
Crash site is in a heavily wooded area approx 200 kilometers South of the city of Krim (Atbar VIs capital), Crew are surrounded by elements of the Planetary militia, and are under heavy fire."
  • For this mission, Fox and Hound are being refit with Grav Bike and 7 Pad Transporter Modules.
  • Once in the System, Fox and Hound will split up.
    • Fox will approach from the East of the Crash Site
    • Hound will approach from the West.
  • If no suitable landing zones are available, Away Teams from both Fox and Hound will HALO with Grav Bikes.
  • Fox and Hound will supply cover-fire for Away Teams while they locate and secure the PAVE and Starfighter Crews.
By the time you finish Pre-Flight, your new Modules should be secured.

Search & Rescue Report

Received this from Team 1... Looks like a successful recue.
Ship Sensors were of limited use... No LZs available. HALO insertion with Grav Bikes achieved.
  • Grav Bikes were able to link sensors for triangulation of Survivors and Aggressors.
  • Set Grav Bikes to "Remote Operation" and staged just beyond Skirmish Lines.
    • Fox and Hound set off "Flash Bangs" Plasma bursts behind Aggressors as diversions
    • Disruption Fire laid down by Remote Grav Bikes while Team 1 made contact with survivors.
  • 2 Survivors found with serious wounds, the rest are "Walking Wounded"
  • Successful egress to GravBikes, 3 Team 1 members wounded during egress.
  • Survivors evacuated via remote Grav Bikes, while Team 1 members hiked to closest available Beam Out.
Team 1 returning to Sutherland... See you tonight.

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