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Maquis Forces International

Charity And Community Service Task Force Project.

Online Charity Links

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Please use the Discussion Tab at the top of this page to Comment or Suggest additional links

Please remember to always use caution before donating time or money to any Charity or Institution. While we hope all goes well, MFI makes no claim of responsibility for any negative experiences one may have while visiting any of these sites. Below is a suggested list of possible online charities you may like to look into to. These are just acknowledged groups that members have sent to us. If you have any you'd like to add please email General Trenin Anara aka Christina Doane at VIC (At) maquis dot com or use the discussion tab above.

Online One Click Charity Links

These are places where simply if you click a certain link, an advertiser donates to help the charity in question. These can be done daily, for more information on each one please see the links below.

Daily Click Charities

1.Reduce Breast Cancer.
2.stop violence against women.
3.Help pets in need.
4.Help sponsor a child.
5.Save chimps and other primates.
6.Save the big cats.
7.Save our oceans.
8.Save baby seals.
9.Save habitat (Rainforest, American Prairie, Marine Wetlands).
10.Stop global warming.
11-12.Save Rainforest and Feed Chimps.
13.Save rainforest.
14.Give free food.
15.Give free mammograms
16.Give free child healthcare.
17.Give free books.
18.Protect endangered habitat.
19.Give free food and care for animals.
20-24.Save land for free and stop global warming.
25.Fight hunger.
26.Say thanks to our troops.
27. Seasonal Click for Cans

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