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</div align="center">

A Quick Pallete of Wiki Commands to Cut & Paste and Research...
More graphic examples at Clipboard/2 Clipboard/3 Clipboard/4 Clipboard/5 Clipboard/6 Clipboard/7
Link to old MFI Graphic Archives at this_location

* <font color=red> * <font color=blue> * <font color=green> * </font color>
* <font size=1> * <font size=2> * <font size=3> * <font size=4> * <font size=5> * <font size=6> * </font size>

CONTRIBUTIONS by former member COL DOYLE, approved by (at the time) RADM Lackey
Please try not to combine RED/GREEN and/or BLUE/YELLOW. These combinations are in colour blindness.


<font color=aqua> <font color=black> (Highlight to read) <font color=brown> <font color=fuchsia> <font color=gray> <font color=lime> <font color=maroon>
<font color=navy> <font color=olive> <font color=orange> <font color=pink> <font color=purple> <font color=silver> <font color=teal> <font color=white>

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<div style="position: relative">[[Image:fedbottom.jpg|720px]]
<div style="position: absolute; left: 150px; top: 2px">[[Image:Scanner kitt.gif]]</div> </div>
Yields the following composite graphic [bravo zulu Rob...!]

Scanner kitt.gif

[[Image:Example.jpg|Trek Bar]]
Trek Bar
[[Image:Line6.gif|Red Sensor Lites ]]
Red Sensor Lites
[[Image:Scanner kitt.gif]]
Scanner kitt.gif
[[Image:Sensor-Line 2045.gif|White Sensor Line]]
White Sensor Line
[[Image:White-bar.gif|White Bar]]
White Bar
[[Image:Orange-bar.gif|Orange Bar]]
Orange Bar
[[Image:Blue-bar.gif|Blue Bar]]
Blue Bar
[[Image:Red-bar.gif|Red Bar]]
Red Bar
[[Image:Green-bar.gif|Green Bar]]
Green Bar
[[Image:Yellow-bar.gif|Yellow Bar]]
Yellow Bar
[[Image:Fedbottom1a.GIF|LCARS bottom Bar]]
LCARS bottom Bar
[[Image:Fedbottom.gif|LCARS bottom Bar2]]
LCARS bottom Bar2
[[Image:Oynaq.gif|Kling Wpn1]]
Kling Wpn1
[[Image:Chonnaqt.gif|Kling Wpn2]]
Kling Wpn2
[[Image:Divider2.gif|Kling Inspired Bar]]
Kling Inspired Bar
[[Image:BorgMFILogoBar001FULL.png|Thick BORG Bar]]
Thick BORG Bar
[[Image:BorgAlphaBar06.gif|Detailed BORG Bar]]
Detailed BORG Bar
[[Image:BorgAlphaBar05.gif|TinyText BORG Bar]]
TinyText BORG Bar
[[Image:86SPS ~1.GIF|Law Enf Lite Bar]]
Law Enf Lite Bar
[[Image:Under construction-1.gif|Homer & Bart]]
Under construction-1.gif

Pd naval.jpg Pd marine.jpg SOC Pd mfi.jpg SSD KTF Romulan_Legion
Mfi logo.jpg

Ssd logo new.jpg MFI-RC-112088.jpg Pd soc.jpg Pd ktf forces.jpg Pd marine.jpg Pd ktf.jpg Pd ktf3.jpg Commnaval.jpg Pd naval.jpg 200px Pd hq.jpg Pd co.jpg Pd co a.jpg Pd blank.jpg Pd mfi2.jpg Pd mfi.jpg Coo.gif 248px-Mfmc pin.jpg Commmarines.jpg Commmarinesnew.jpg Commmfi.jpg
BorgHand001HorFULL.jpeg BorgHand001HorFULL.jpeg BorgHand001HorFULL.jpeg

Possible Borg ship class
Drop Ship class

<div style="position: relative">[[Image:Pd_blank.jpg|230px]]
<div style="position: absolute; left: 58px; top: 41px"> </div>
Another composite image example...

Pd blank.jpg

ic.gif vic.gif cos.gif coo.gif coc.gif

commnaval.jpg commmarines.jpg coo.gif commssd.jpg commktf.jpg

Commmfi.jpg Commmarinesnew.jpg cos.gif commssd.jpg commktf.jpg

Pd ktf.jpg Commmarines.jpg Coo.gif Commmfi.jpg Ssd logo new.jpg

Pd ktf.jpg Commmarines.jpg Coo.gif Commnaval.jpg Ssd logo new.jpg

Pd naval.jpg Pd marine.jpg ic.gif Pd ssd1.jpg Pd ktf.jpg

Pd naval.jpg Pd marine.jpg coo.gif Pd ssd1.jpg Pd ktf.jpg

Pd naval.jpg Pd marine.jpg Coo.gif Pd ssd1.jpg Pd ktf.jpg

Pd ktf.jpg Pd naval.jpg Coo.gif Pd marine.jpg Ssd logo new.jpg

Pd ktf.jpg

commnaval.jpg commmarines.jpg coo.gif commssd.jpg


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