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D'Deridex Class Romulan Warbird

The D'deridex class (Type-B) Warbird, composes the bulk of the Romulan Empire's fleet in the late 24th century. Not widely know about until the Romulan reemergence in 2364, the Type-B is a heavily armed class of starship used by the Romulans. This Warbird was first encountered by Starfleet circa stardate 41986.0 in 2364 when the Federation Starship Enterprise (1701-D) encountered one commanded by Commander Tebok, that violated Federation territory while investigating the destruction of outposts on both sides of the neutral zone (TNG: "The Neutral Zone").

As with previous Romulan designs the Warbird incorporates an improved cloaking device. Although this cloak is nearly impossible to detect, it is vulnerable to detection using tachyon or anti-proton scans. Also incorporated into the Warbird is an engine design powered by an Artificial Quantum Singularity. The D'deridex class is almost twice as large as a Galaxy class starship and despite most of the Warbird being hollow, it has greater firepower, but a lower top speed and less maneuverability than a Galaxy Class vessel. On board, decks are lettered and the sections are numbered. Some crew quarters are on C deck and Launch Bay 3 is on deck E, section 25.

The D'deridex class was utilized by both the Romulan military and Tal'Shiar. The Type-B class is one of the types of Romulan ships that served during the Dominion War.

Weapons Systems

The D'deridex weapons systems make it the one of the most powerful warships in the Romulan fleet. It is outfitted with:

  • 6+ Disruptor Cannons
  • Phasers
  • 12 S-2 Photon/Plasma Torpedo Launchers
  • Cloaking Device
  • Rotating Shield Modulation

Deck Configuration

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 1041 meters
    • Width: 772 meters
    • Height: 285 meters
  • Ship's Compliment: 1500 Total
    • Officers: 60
    • Enlisted: 540
    • Troops: 900

  • Decks: 45+
  • Power Plant:
    • Warp: Artificial Quantum singularity
    • Impulse: 8 Type-III Impulse Fusion
  • Performance:
    • Cruise: Warp 5
    • Max: Warp 9
    • Burst: Warp 9.6 for 10 hours

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Some Ships Of The D'deridex Class

IRW Belak IRW Decius (illusionary)
IRW Devoras IRW Haakona
IRW Khazara IRW Makar
LP Pontiac IRW T'Met
IRW Terix


Rob Johnson, FADM

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