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Hull Name: MFS Designator
Hull Number: NCC-773XX Series
Ship Class: Runabout
Ship Type: Long Range Shuttle


Overall Length: 23.1 Meters
Overall Beam: 13.7 Meters
Overall Draft: 5.4 Meters


Minimum Crew: 2 Suplemental Crew: 6
Passengers: Varies Total Capacity: Varies


Maximum Velocity: Warp 7+
Cruising Velocity: Warp 5


Standard Personnel: 1
Max Objects Per Cycle: 2
Supplemental transporters: Varies with Modules


Type IX Phaser Arrays: 3
Micro-torpedo Launchers: 2
Torpedo Type: Varies with Modules



Mission Objectives

The Danube Class Runabout was designed to complete four general mission types.

  1. Short Notice and/or Emergency Response Transportation for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Personnel.
  2. Act as a Base of Operations (orbital or landed) for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Response.
  3. Transport: personnel, intact experiment and/or cargo modules.
  4. Perform tactical missions such as: intelligence gathering (scouting), covert insertion/extraction of personnel, act as a deterrent of threatening situations, etc.

General Overview

Requirement of a warp capable shuttlecraft was issued in the 2340s. Developing a warp capable shuttle would make them capable of taking on short and medium range missions and assignments. Originally Type-10 runabouts were created, but were soon found to be limited in their size. Subsequently, development of the Danube-Class runabout began in 2363 and were first introduced in 2368. The Danube-Class runabouts feature front cabin seating for four: the pilot, co-pilot/operations, and two mission specialists. There is also a two person transporter stationed in either the rear of the front cabin, or in the "Mid-Section" in-between the Cockpit and "Module" section. Aft of the front cabin are the mission specific modules. Based on the nature of the modular design, the runabout can be converted to other mission-specific requirements such as personnel transporter, cargo transporter, scientific expeditions, tactical assignments, prison transports, medical transports, etc. There is also an optional photon torpedo module on the top of the Danube-Class runabout.

The impulse engines are constructed from eight fusion reactors divided into two sets, space-time impulse drive coils, and vectored exhaust directors. The engines also include intake vents for both atmospheric and interstellar travel. When maintenance is required, the impulse drive assembly can be removed.

The Danube-Class computer core is located under the cockpit and measures 2.3 x 2.1 x 1.3 meters. The core is a standard isolinear unit with 186 isolinear banks and 53 command pre-processors. The Standard Core may be upgraded by the use of Secondary Computer Core (add-on) Modules. Sub nodes are installed throughout the runabout and are connected to the core by standard Optical Data Network (ODN) relays.

Design Specifications

Danube Class

  • Length: 23.1 meters
  • Width: 13.7 meters
  • Height: 5.4 meters
  • Mass: 158.7 metric tons

  • Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite
  • Number of Decks: 1 Total
  • Standard Crew: 1-4
  • Standard Transporters: 1


  • Interchangeable
  • Self-Interlocking Life Suport, ODN & LCARS Conduit
  • Able to act as Personnel Escape Pods
    • Independent Emergency Life Support Systems
    • Independent RCS Thrusters
    • Emergency Rations
  • Standard Module Length: 3 Meters
    • Extended Length: 6 Meters
  • Standard Module Width: 2.4 Meters
    • Extended Width: 5 Meters
  • Standard Module Height: 2.2 Meters

Module Types

  • Cargo Mod (Multiple Variations Available)
  • Sensor Mod (Mission-Specific Modules)
  • Flag Suite (Single Person 2 Part Module)
  • Long Term Travel Suite (1 & 2 Person Mod)
  • Short Term Bunk Room Mod (4 Person Module)
  • Personnel Transport (20 People Max Occupancy)
  • Salvage Equipment (Internal & External Hard-points)
  • Grav Bike Shop

  • Medevac Module (Occupies Entire Module Bay)
  • Transporter Pod (Multiple Variations Available)
  • Weapons Mod A: Photon Torpedo (Rack of 8)
  • Weapons Mod B: Quantum Torpedo (Rack of 8)
  • Weapons Mod C: Phased Torpedoes (Rack of 8)
  • Propulsion Mod: (Power Generator- Multiple variations)
  • Stealth Mod: Chronoton Sensor Screen Emitters

Runabout Graphics/Schematics

A complete list of MFI's Danube Class runabouts may be found on our Sim Fleet page.

Below is an example of a Standard Science runabout.

Runabout Views
Basic Runabout

Cutaway Shot

Standard Rear Section Cutaway
Standard Cockpit Cutaway

Danube Warp Drive

Sample Module Module Configuration Runabout Landing Pad



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