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Standard Diplomatic Accord Template


What is a Template?

This is a Maquis Forces International's basic Accord template that can be used for an Accord or "Treaty" between MFI and any other Fan Organization. What we mean by "Template" is that it's all ready to go. All you have to do is "Fill In The Blanks" with the other Organization's Name, Initials and the Names & Ranks of the individuals who will be signing the document, as shown below. Nothing else is needed.

Please remember that Treaties & Accords COULD be misconstrued as Legal, Binding contracts. This is why we recommend that you use this template to avoid such complications. Should you decide to "Beef-Up" what we put into the template, Please be careful in the wording you decide to use. Many people try to throw in a bunch of Legal sounding Jargon (Legalese) in order to make it sound more important. Please don't do that, as it makes the document difficult to read and makes others think that MFI doesn't know what it's doing. [Grin]

Before entering into ANY Diplomatic Accords or Treaties with another Fan Organization, you must contact the Diplomatic Corps Department Heads.

Items Needing Modification

The "Blanks" that need to be changed are as follows:

  • [Full Name of Fan Organization]: Substitute the other Fan Organization's Full Name.
  • [XYZ]: Substitute the other Fan Organization's Initials (IKEF, IFT, SFI, UFP, UFPI, etc.).
  • [Full Name of MFI’s Representative, Rank]: Substitute the Name & Rank of the MFI member signing the accord.
  • [Full name of the Other Organization’s Representative, Rank]: Substitute the Name & Rank of the member representing & signing for the Other Organization.

Download the MS-WORD Template

Feel free to Download it, Save it, Modify it as listed above, Print it and Use it. If you have a fancy Parchment type background pattern you can use... Great! If you wish to use a different Font, that's fine too. Just try to select a font that is readable. Some Trek Fonts LOOK cool, but are difficult to read.

The actual MS-Word Template

The Accord: Wiki Version


between Maquis Forces International and [Full Name of Fan Organization], as negotiated by Ambassadors of these respective governments.

All diplomatic dialog will take place between designated representatives of both groups. Unless otherwise specified, the chief diplomatic representative from Maquis Forces International will be designated by MFI’s Diplomatic Corps; the chief diplomatic representative from [Full Name of Fan Organization] will be designated by [XYZ’s] Diplomatic Chief.


The terms and conditions having been negotiated and agreed to be identically understood, Maquis Forces International and the [Full Name of Fan Organization] mutually pledge to each other their solemn word for the following purposes, effective Stardate [Insert Stardate].

  • to reconfirm the balance of power in the Quadrants while accepting each other as worthy opponents in role-play and partner in matters of real life;
  • to define a stable and lasting relationship and understanding between these two organizations; a relationship which relies on communication, cooperation in mutually beneficial activities and the pursuit of peaceful enjoyment of their respective organizations in the STAR TREK Universe.


The representatives of Maquis Forces International, hereafter known as MFI, and the [Full Name of Fan Organization], hereafter known as the [XYZ], declare that an alliance has been formed for the mutual benefit of their respective organizations.


This Alliance does not denote any implication of a merger, or coup d'état, but to strengthen the individual organizations in the world of fandom and promote good will between organizations of similar interests and concerns.

  • This document is not to be construed as being a legal, or binding contract of any kind by either organization.


Under the provisions of the Alliance, MFI and [XYZ] will remain separate entities governed by their established organizational bylaws and guidelines. This alliance does not grant permission to present or future member(s) of this Alliance to exercise any type of control over member organizations.


The Alliance consists of the following provisions. These provisions may be amended by mutual agreement of the member organizations.

1. A continuing dialog through correspondence or face-to-face encounters between diplomatic representatives of the respective organizations for the exchange of information concerning the STAR TREK Universe and for their direct discussion, enabling further growth for both organizations.

  • Diplomats are not to be seen only as representatives of their organizations. Preventing misjudgment and underestimation while supervising rights, honor and interests of their organizations and their members, but also as individuals being a positive example for the whole of fandom, openly-minded they support interaction between the individual chapters and the organizations.

2. A continuing dialog through the contact between individual members: members of the organizations who participate within the Alliance may attend meetings and functions as guests (non-voting members) and will be given the respect due to an ally by the host organization.

3. A continuing dialog through role-play between chapters and members of the respective organizations to support the aims, purposes, spirit, and philosophy of the Prime Directive.

3.1. The members of the respective organizations are

3.1.1. - welcome guests at any meeting of the respective organizations:

  • As a guest, they will act as observers only; however, they may add input based on experience or knowledge.
  • The guest will be accorded the respect due to him or her as a diplomatic representative.

3.1.2. - invited to take part in role-playing games (PBM/LARP).

4. A translation of the Prime Directive. 4.1. Both organizations – MFI and [XYZ] -- are not forums for either political, or religious debate, nor are they vehicles of ambition. 4.2. Any form of competition exists only in the realm of fantasy.

MFI and [XYZ] commit themselves to the rule of equal rights, equal dignity, and mutual respect for all species, life forms, and sentient beings.

4.3. All representatives of the undersigned organizations shall take seriously any violation of one of these principles filed against a member of one organization by a member of another organization. 4.4. It is agreed to appropriately investigate such allegations, involving all necessary levels of the organization required to resolve and ameliorate said situation.

5. An agreement of mutual assistance: 5.1. MFI may turn to the [XYZ] when needed and if required by the principles of the Prime Directive. 5.2. [XYZ] may turn to MFI under the same options. 5.3. This agreement may also include newsletter exchanges, cultural exchanges, and links between web pages, etc.

6. Disagreement between individual organizations -- 6.1 - will be arbitrated in an open forum by the governing bodies of the interested organizations. 6.2. If the matter cannot be settled by mutual agreement, an objective third party member, agreed upon by both parties involved, may be selected to hear the arbitration.

7. Members may enter into open discussion with other fandom organizations concerning the Alliance. 7.1. Admission into this Alliance is by mutual agreement of both organizations at the time of petition or request.

8. Dual Membership 8.1. If a member of [XYZ] chooses to hold membership in MFI, they may do so. 8.1.1. The [XYZ] member shall begin this new membership with the respective rank of a new member. 8.1.2. Rank progression shall occur as per MFI protocol. 8.1.3. When participating in any MFI activity, the Dual Member shall be subject to MFI procedures, since they are acting as a MFI member. 8.1.4. If the Dual Member member commits a violation of MFI rules/procedures, he shall be adjudicated under MFI auspices.

8.2 Sections 8.1 through 8.1.4 shall also apply where a member of MFI holds membership in [XYZ].


Having read the terms of this accord, I do hereby certify that I am a diplomatic representative of the Maquis Forces International with full powers to execute this accord on behalf of Maquis Forces International.

[Full Name of MFI’s Representative, Rank]
Maquis Forces International

Having read the terms of this accord, do hereby certify that I am a diplomatic representative of [Full Name of Fan Organization] with the full power to execute this accord on behalf of [Full Name of Fan Organization].

[Full name of the other organization’s representative, Rank]
[Full Name of Fan Organization]


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