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Maquis Forces International Rank Charts
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Civilian Rank Commentary

Thus far in MFI's history there has never been an overwhelming cry for strictly civilian ranks. It is almost an exclusive either/or option. Either people align themselves as strictly civilian or they accept the necessary concept MFI has always embraced, that every Maquis is at least a reserve officer in one of the Military/Security Branches. The Maquis as a rule are a relatively small group of Separatists, Pioneers, and Settlers within a previously unwanted, dangerous, and volatile area of space. Originally supported in colonization by the Federation, subsequent territorial disputes and political negotiations resulted in abandonment, forced evacuation attempts, and hostile actions by criminals and others. The Maquis invested significant time, blood, and resources to build their homes and NOBODY is going to force them to leave. Other splinter groups seeking new homes have banded together in common goals with the Maquis. As a whole, the Maquis are one of the largest militarized and independent groups of settlers in space. Men, Women, and Children all participate in protecting their way of life. Very like the ancient Israelis of Earth, no citizen is a true civilian.

There are NO Civilian standard rank pins or devices.  Reserve Military insignia shall meet that need.

Comparison of Maquis Forces Ranks with Civilian Titles or Positions
Generic Black Insignia Civilian Title or Position - NOT All Inclusive
Force Admiral pip_fadm_black.jpg International Coordinator/President/Prime Minister
Admiral/General pip_adm_black.jpg Ambassador/Senator/Chairman/Principal
VADM/LGEN pip_vadm_black.jpg Representative/Advisor/Secretary of [XX]/Vice Chairman
RADM/MGEN pip_radm_black.jpg Chief Consul/Senior Director/Assistant Chairman/Security Chief
COMM/BGEN pip_como_black.jpg Consul/Vice Director/Political Officer/Chief Engineer/Magistrate
FCAPT/FCOL pip_fcapt_black.jpg Assistant Director/Chief Administrator/Marshall/Interrogator/Senior Planner
CAPT/COL pip_capt_black.jpg Chief of Staff/Administrator/Professor/Deputy Planner/Captain [vessel]
CDR/LCOL pip_cdr_black.jpg Chief Surgeon/Junior Administrator/Senior Pilot/Watcher/Researcher/Planner/Engineer
LCDR/MAJ pip_lcdr_black.jpg Surgeon/Compliance Officer/Senior Investigator/Scientist/Junior Pilot/Planner
LT/MCAPT pip_lt_black.jpg Doctor/Lead Instructor/Actuary/Junior Scientist/Project Leader/Senior Manager/Detective
LTjg/1st LT pip_ltjg_black.jpg Senior Nurse/Teacher/Engineer/Supervisor/Quality Inspector/Manager/Senior Officer
ENS/2nd LT pip_ens_black.jpg Nurse/Junior Engineer/Assistant Supervisor/Chief Technician/Assistant Manager/Officer
Cadet 4th Year mcadet4.jpg Junior Nurse/Foreman/Technician/Shift Manager/Junior Officer/Researcher/Clerk
Cadet 3rd Year mcadet3.jpg Nurse Trainee/Crew Chief/Junior Technician/Companion/Guard/Therapist
Cadet 2nd Year mcadet2.jpg Orderly/Intern/Maintenance Specialist/Salesperson/Recruit Officer
Cadet 1st Year mcadet1.jpg Lawyer/Maintainer/Salesperson/Recruit Officer/Laborer
NCO Ranks
Naval Rank Insignia Abbreviation Marine Rank Insignia Abbreviation
Master Chief Petty Officer
of the Maquis
pip_mcpom.jpg MCPOM Sergeant Major
of the Marines
pip_sgtmajmjpg.jpg MSGTMAJ
Master Chief Petty Officer pip_mcpo.jpg MCPO Sergeant Major pip_sgtmaj.jpg SGTMAJ
Senior Chief Petty Officer pip_scpo.jpg SCPO First Sergeant pip_fsgt.jpg 1stSGT
Chief Petty Officer pip_cpo.jpg CPO Gunnery Sergeant pip_gsgt.jpg GSGT
Petty Officer 1st Class pip_po1.jpg PO1 Staff Sergeant pip_ssgt.jpg SSGT
Petty Officer 2nd Class pip_po2.jpg PO2 Sergeant pip_sgt.jpg SGT
Petty Officer 3rd Class pip_po3.jpg PO3 Corporal pip_cpl.jpg CPL
Crewman pip_cm.jpg CM Lance Corporal pip_lcpl.jpg LCPL
Crewman Apprentice pip_cm2.jpg CM2 Private 1st Class pip_p1c.jpg PFC
Crewman Recruit pip_cm3.jpg CM3 Private pip_pvt.jpg PVT
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