Division Ranks (Naval, MRL Pips, and KTF Pips)

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Maquis Forces International Rank Charts
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Compare Naval Red, Romulan (MRL) Pips, and Klingon Pips - HERE -
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Comparison of Maquis Forces Ranks
Naval Rank Insignia MRL Rank MRL Insignia KTF Rank KTF Insignia
Naval FADM pip_fadm_red.jpg No Equal No Equal
Admiral pip_adm_red.jpg Enriov Rom slvr 2a.jpgRom slvr 1.jpgRom slvr 1.jpgRom slvr 1.jpg Sa' K-aj.jpgKtf gen.jpg
Vice Admiral pip_vadm_red.jpg erei'Enriov Rom slvr 2a.jpgRom slvr 1.jpgRom slvr 1.jpg Sa'Sogh K-Sa.jpgKtf lgen.jpg
Rear Admiral pip_radm_red.jpg Daise'Enarrain Rom slvr 2a.jpgRom slvr 1.jpg Sa'HoM pip_k_mgen.jpg Ktf mgen.jpg
Commodore pip_como_red.jpg Enarrain Rom slvr 2a.jpg ech pip_k_bgen.jpg Ktf bgen.jpg
Force Captain pip_fcapt_red.jpg ihsein'Riov Rom slvr 2.jpg raDHoD pip_k_fcol.jpg Ktf fcol.jpg
Captain pip_capt_red.jpg Riov Rom gld 2.jpgRom gld 1.jpgRom gld 1.jpgRom gld 1.jpg HoD pip_k_col.jpg Ktf col.jpg
Commander pip_cdr_red.jpg erei'Riov Rom gld 2.jpgRom gld 1.jpgRom gld 1.jpg la' pip_k_lcol.jpg Ktf lcol.jpg
Lt. Commander pip_lcdr_red.jpg khre'Arrain Rom gld 2.jpgRom gld 1.jpg la'Hom pip_k_maj.jpg Ktf maj.jpg
Lieutenant pip_lt_red.jpg Arrain Rom gld 2.jpg Sogh pip_k_mcapt.jpg Ktf capt.jpg
LT Junior Grade pip_ltjg_red.jpg erei'Arrain Rom gld 1.jpgRom gld 1.jpg SoghHom pip_k_1lt.jpg Ktf 1lt.jpg
Ensign pip_ens_red.jpg Erein Rom gld 1.jpg lagh pip_k_2lt.jpg Ktf 2lt.jpg
Cadet 4th Year mcadet4.jpg Eredh 4 Mrl cadet.jpg mangHom 4 Ktf cadet.jpgKtf c4.jpg
Cadet 3rd Year mcadet3.jpg Eredh 3 Mrl cadet.jpg mangHom 3 Ktf cadet.jpgKtf c3.jpg
Cadet 2nd Year mcadet2.jpg Eredh 2 Mrl cadet.jpg mangHom 2 Ktf cadet.jpgKtf c2.jpg
Cadet 1st Year mcadet1.jpg Eredh 1 Mrl cadet.jpg mangHom 1 Ktf cadet.jpgKtf c1.jpg
NCO Ranks
Naval Rank Naval Division Insignia Abbreviation KTF Rank KTF Insignia Abbreviation
MCPO of the Maquis pip_mcpom_black.jpg MCPOM botwI' kling_e9.jpg Ktf top.jpg Blockader
Master Chief Petty Officer pip_mcpo_black.jpg MCPO puvwI' kling_e9.jpg Ktf sgtmaj.jpg Flier
Senior Chief Petty Officer pip_e8_black.jpg SCPO nom kling_e2.jpg Ktf mgsgt.jpg Swift
Chief Petty Officer pip_e7_black.jpg CPO avwI'wa'Dich kling_e2.jpg Ktf SuvwI.jpg Vanguard
Petty Officer 1st Class pip_e6_black.jpg PO1 etlh'a' SuvwI' kling_e2.jpg KTF Blank.jpg Lancer
Petty Officer 2nd Class pip_e5_black.jpg PO2 bu' kling_e2.jpg Ktf sgt.jpg SGT
Petty Officer 3rd Class pip_e4_black.jpg PO3 Da' kling_e2.jpg Ktf cpl.jpg CPL
Crewman pip_e3_black.jpg CM Da'wa'Dich kling_e2.jpg Ktf lcpl.jpg LCPL
Crewman Apprentice pip_e2_black.jpg CM2 SuvwI' pin'a' kling_e2.jpg Ktf lcpl.jpg Master of Warriors
Crewman Recruit pip_e1_black.jpg CM3 SuvwI' Ktf cadet.jpgKtf lcpl.jpg Warrior
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