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This is a priority one message: SOC intelligence has placed massive Cardassian forces on nine planets along the Cardassian border. These planets are Pollack, Nivoch, Solosos, Dorvan 5, Dorvan, Valo, Quatal, Valon, and Salva. These planets are vital for trade and the Maquis way of life. The Cardassians seek to stop us at all cost.

The Labor Day Offensive

This is your chance to get involved with some good old fashion fun. I have 9 planets all together, two of which will be played out by me and FCOL Easterly, MFS Impetuous.

The rules of the game are this:

  • The offensive will last from 1700 hrs CDT on Friday August 29th 2008 and continue throughout Monday evening at 2200 hrs CDT.
  • The offensive will be played by Mechwarrior, PS2, or any kind of combat game for PS2, X-BOX, ect. Or if you don’t have either you can play with water guns I don't care. Just play and get active in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Every commander is to give daily reports of the battles. BUT!!!! The game play must be real, you must keep account of all losses, deaths of your characters, and all kills of the enemies.

So if you want to play this great battle, contact the list and give an E-mail address to contact you. Also as Mekk Commander I will give all who participate a MEKK BATTLE RIBBON [MFI OPS NOTE 2009--This is still in-work due to personnel changes. The eventual ribbon may NOT be a MEKK ribbon.] So let’s get together, have some fun, and kick some Cardassian tail.

Col. Cary Griffin (2008)

Buildup along the Border

Disputed worlds

  • Pollack
    • MFS Srendipity--(Defending forces)
    • 10th Infantry Rgt
    • 43rd Armor Rgt
  • Nivoch
    • 544th Marine Assault Group (MFS Impetuous)--(defending forces)
    • 19th Sword of Cardassia RCT
    • 80th Star of Cardassia RCT
  • Dorvan 5
    • MFS Hellsfury--(Defending forces)
    • 5101st Armor Rgt "Crushers"
    • 8th Aerospace wing
  • Valo
    • MAV Lone Star--(Defending forces)
    • 24th Infantry Rgt
    • 93rd Infantry Rgt "Monac Rifles"
  • Solosos
    • 514th Marine Assault Group (MFS Pathfinder)--(defending forces)
    • 4th Cardassian Guards RCT
    • 16th Sword of Cardassia RCT
  • Dorvan
    • MFS Lafayette--(Defending forces)
    • 3rd Cardassian Guards RCT
  • Quatal
    • ICV Heghnach--(defending forces)
    • 72nd Mekk Rgt "Pride of Soukara"
  • Valon
    • 17th Cardassian Infantry "Regulak rifles"
  • Salva
    • 22nd Armor Rgt "Destroyers"
    • 68th Infantry Rgt

Vessels Assigned to Task Force:

MFS Impetuous
MFS Pathfinder
MFS Intrepid II
MFS Phantom
MFS Lafayette
MFS Hell's Fury
MFS Liberty
MFS Sutherland
MFS Phantom Zone
MFS Sea of Tranquility
MFS Serendipity
ICV Heghnach
MFS Compliance
RS Hecate

Units Assigned to Task Force:

544th Marine Assault Group
514th Marine Assault Group
MFS Intrepid II
1st Recon Company
69th Recon Company
MFS Lafayette - Mekk Forces

It Begins


It begins.JPG

Photo: This picture shows the landing of the 19th Sword of Cardassia RCT and the 80th Star of Cardassia RCT. (The photo was taken from the Cardassian side of the map showing the enemy's route of entry).

Nivoch: Initial Report

Battle for Do Lung bridge 2.JPG

Photo: This picture shows elements of the 19th Sword of Cardassia's forces pouring over the Do Lung river after overwhelming the planetary militia and elements of the 544th Marine Assault Group. (photo is taken from the Cardassian side of the map showing the enemy's artillery, infantry and Mekk forces. For clarity most of the "damaged" and "destroyed" counters have been removed. Friendly forces (on the right side of the map) were in full retreat ).


544th MAG Update


TF:Compliance Report

544th MAG


AF Report 544th MAG

AF Report 514th MAG

TF:Compliance AF Report

Designers Notes

We tried to throw in all the monkey wrenches we could think of to add the confusion of war into the scenario. Mis-drops, logistics hang-ups, ect. The thing that hurt the 544th the most was that the other players have learned well from their teacher. The tactics and maneuvers that some of my shipmates used were truly genius, and almost cost me (the 544th) the war.

I had wanted to post maps and detailed briefs on the worlds in question, real life kept that from happening. All in all, I think this scenario went well. Hopefully we can have another say next year?

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