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The following is a short story written by Colonel Tyler Pugh of SEALS Team 5.

SEALS TEAM V After Action Report.

7 Days Before Operation RAHAB: Orbital Drop on Atbar VI

The Drop to the surface of Atbar VI was a success SEALS Team V operatives managed to hit their drop zones with relative ease except for Colonel Pugh who seemed to have trouble with his shoot and was found hanging from a tree 50ft off the ground, with some innovative help from the other SEALS Operators Col Pugh managed to get down with minor complications. Team V moved to its first way point with no complications or interaction with enemy forces.

3 Days Before Operation RHAB: Atbar VI 44km from target

Team V moved on to a small ridge and came upon their first complication right in their path was a Cardassian munitions facility that also had a light rail connection to other locations. It would take too long for the Team to move around the facility and it was decided to go through, however Major Russell decided that it would be a good idea to some how disable this facility as it would make the landing parties lives a little easier. It was decided since the Team had to go through the facility they would try and knock it out. Col Pugh dispatched a 4 man Recon team to investigate the area and report back with in one hour. With in the Hour the Recon team reported that the facility was lightly guarded and that there was a way to knock out the facility with out causing an alarm. The Facility contained a large number of photon torpedoes and it would not be hard to make it look like a faulty torpedo had detonated. Ensign Valreen had the most knowledge regarding photon weapons given his time as a ships weapons tech before joining the SEALS. During the day watch groups monitored the facility and recorded all valuable information. At dusk the SEALS began there approach by leopard crawl to the target. Three hours and 2km later the Team reached the outskirts of the facility. Section 1 and 2 entered the facility and maintained a defensive position around the warehouse containing the torpedoes. Section 3 went inside and assisted Ensign Valreen. Ensign Valreen was successful in prepping a torpedo to go off in 6 hours giving the SEALS time to clear the area before the explosion went off. TEAM V was able to leave the facility and when the explosion went off TEAM V was long gone.

1 Days Before Operation RAHAB: Atbar VI 2km from Target

Team V approach to the target was successful there were few encounters with local militia or planetary population except for the munitions depot. However when Team V observed the bunkers they had noticed a significant glitch. The area had become fortified along with a perimeter fence and two watch towers, the area contained 2 armored personal carriers (APC) and additional troops that looked to be the size of a platoon along with a temporary structure to house them in. It was clear that Team V would have to come up with an alternate plan of attack. To make matters worse Team V could not bring some of the heavy weapons and had only limited supply of explosives. It is still unclear as to why the Cardassian's had fortified this position but it has been suggestion that the actions Team V took at the munitions depot could be the cause. The initial plan was scrapped and it was decided that Sections 1 and 2 would attack the Bunkers as planned but Section 3 would be responsible to take out the APC's and the Barracks along with the additional troops. Maj Russell and FCol Williams along would simultaneously eliminate the militia posted in the tower before the rest of the Team began their assault once this task was completed they would support Section 3 in their efforts to eliminate any reinforcements.

0001 hours Before Operation RHAB: Atbar VI 1km from Target

With Dusk at hand the SEALS began to make there way to the Target with heavy brush and little moon light the by 0200 hours Sections 1, 2 and 3 were in their position around the camp. Maj Russell and FCol Williams were in position to take out the two towers. At 0230 hours a two man demolition team placed charges on the front gate of the fence along with additional areas on the east and West Perimeter ready to make infiltration points into the camp. By 0300 all was set the SEALS maintained their position with 100 meters of the perimeter fence. Section 1 was by the main entrance Section 2 on the west end and Section 3 on the East. It was simply a matter of waiting out the clock before they could begin.

0350 hours Before Operation RHAB: Atbar VI Commenced Attack.

At 0350 hours Col Pugh gave the signal Maj Russell and FCol Williams fired their weapons and took out the towers and at the same time the demolition charges were detonated. Section 1 stormed through the front gate and dispatched the front guards who were still in shock of the explosion. Section 2 came through the west wall of the fence and proceeded to the second bunker but had so far met with no resistance. Section 3, proceeded to the Barracks of the additional troops, but was shocked to find the structure abandoned. Section 1 was approaching the entrance to the first bunker when Section 3 relayed the information. Upon hearing the info over the comms Col Pugh halted the advance and soon realized his fatal error. With Section 1 and 2 stopped just before the entrances to the control bunkers the doors opened revealing the Cardassians deadly trap. Phaser fire emerged from the bunkers and caused Section 1 and 2 to break formation and scatter by the initial attack Team V had sustained a total number of six casualties. With Team V in complete disarray the Cardassians sprang the second part of their trap, several troops popped out of the ground in camouflaged positions and cut off the SEALS retreat. Section 1 and 2 performed a defensive perimeter around their wounded but continued to take heavy fire. With the SEALS trapped and taking on heavy fire it was near impossible for Sections 1 and 2 to move that’s when Col Pugh ordered everyone to fall back to Section 3's position with in the Barracks. Members of Section 1 and 2 attempted to move their wounded to the Barracks as Section 3 provided cover fire, Once Section 1 and 2 were in some what safe conditions a casualty collection position was taken in side. Section 3 medic along with Section 2 medic provided what they could for the wounded witch had grown from 6 to 10. The remaining SEALS continued to fight the Cardassians maintaining their position with in the enemy Barracks. Maj Russell and FCol Williams still provided sniper support from their position and tried to clear a hole so that the Remaining SEALS could escape.

0355 Team V was trapped and taking on heavy fire from the Cardassian ambush and by now one of the APC's had been activated its Phaser cannon had ripped a hole in the Barracks that accounted fro another casualty. The Team was down to 13 members and were running low on ammo. This is when Sgt Vadume and Cm Rutlege managed to find a hole in the Cardassian ranks they exploited the hole they had left open and managed to knock out the enemy APC. However Cm Rutledge was cut down by Phaser fire before he could make it to cover. With the APC Destroyed Col Pugh attempted to lead a 5 man assault team to the first bunker but got pinned at the wreck of the APC. Even though Team V managed to push back the Cardassian attack they still could not penetrate the defenses at the entrances.

0358 on advisement from his senior Staff, Maj Russell and FCol Williams Team V could not complete the mission and if the defense grid did not go down the Main ground forces would take on heavy casualties and possibly not be able to take the planet. Col Pugh reluctantly gave the call the Laundromat is Closed. Col Pugh ordered the remaining SEALS to hold their positions and Give the Cardassian’s as much hell as possible.

0400 Operation RAHAB: D Day

Team V was unable to knock out the Defense bunkers before the attack on Atbar VI could commence but by this Time the SOC Black Ops team had arrived. The Black Ops team was able to infiltrate the Bunkers and take them out of commission with and by 0402 the SOC Black ops team managed to destroy the Bunkers and knock out the Orbital Defensive Grid. Even though Team V failed to complete their objective the Operation was still a success.

Maquis Casualty Report

Section 1: 2 dead 2 wounded
Section 2: 1 dead 4 wounded
Section 3: 1 dead 3 wounded

Total Wounded 9
Total Dead 4
Total: 13


Enemy Casualty Report
The enemy estimated dead and wounded are as follows
Total force 60
Dead 60
Wounded 0
Total Number Killed by Team V: 45
Total Number Killed by SOC: 15

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