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Reserve Battle Group One [RBG1] -- MFS Compliance Task Group

MFS Compliance currently serves as the Flag Ship for the MFI Chief of Operations. Associated units normally assigned under Compliance and the MFI Ops Office include several squadrons of various sorts, vessels belonging to Maquis R&D, the Maquis Corps of Engineers (MCE), and SEALS Team Three. Some of these units will operate detached from Compliance at times.

Elements of MFS Compliance's Task Group participated in detached fashion throughout the span of time leading into the 2009 Labor Day Offensive [LDO], continued during the attack, and followed well into the aftermath and mop-up actions. Some elements continue to monitor and observe the impact of the operation on the region. Truth be told, the Cardassians rogue remnants of their empire took a solid beating, the Orions took a devastating blow to operations in that part of space, and the Federation once again were reminded about the limits of their reach and embarrassed by the revelation of how poorly their control of the region actually was. Too bad.


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Events Prior to Offensive Launch: D-Day

While Compliance is not participating directly in the attack on Atbar VI, several elements of her normal Task Group will contribute to the action. Other elements will participate in operations on Goralis IV. Compliance herself is serving as a Reserve Battle Group for this operation and will be positioned with her remaining assets somewhere in the vicinity of Goralis IV to defend against enemy units escaping Atbar VI.

Several weeks prior to current Offensive

Aboard the modified former Borg Long Range Scout ship that was now known as MFS Compliance, VADM 10-of-9 studied the intell summary on the screen in front of him, matching it to a holographic map of the region of space. He shook his head at the thought. This faction of Orion Pirate seemed particularly bad, especially since they seemed to have allied with a surviving force of the old Cardassian Fleet. They would bear watching.

10-of-9 keyed orders into his console. Patrol Squadron 16 was perfect for the task at hand.
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These specially outfitted Raiders were provided with the latest technology that Maquis R&D had available. They were trained at stealth operations and were seasoned crews at intell missions.

About two weeks prior to Offensive

<<encoded tight burst transmission from vicinity of Atbar VI>>

Updated report relayed by Eureka Maru [LF-9]. During our surveillance of the region, we identified a competing, older faction of pirates operating in conflict with the newer Traidy Syndicate. In particular we identified a Nausicaan group asteroid base whom would be sympathetic to assisting us. They were contacted and we negotiated an agreement. They provided us with the location of a secret hollowed out asteroid base well within sensor range of Atbar VI. They also provided a listing of frequencies and access codes needed to navigate through the Cardassian sensor grid. We verified the data and found it to be reliable.

Upon our first visit we found that the metallic asteroid is almost entirely hollow. Apparently the previous pirates used this as a forward staging base before the Cardassians moved the 27th’s base into the region. The Cardassians never caught on despite frequent scans. There is sufficient room to secrete more than twenty raider sized vessels. The Cardassians actually established an automated sensor network station on the surface of the asteroid but the Nausicaans managed to override the operation in a way that did not trigger any alarms.

The Nausicaans have reached the limits of their assistance. They desire the Traidy Syndicate destroyed and the 27th neutralized so they can resume their previous operations. We have also agreed that should any shooting start, they would remain neutral but later they would have limited salvage rights to any non-Maquis wreakage. That is not to preclude any salvage the Maquis deem worthy for our own use. Please inform the fleet of this status, but as always, such trust is to be combined with an open eye and ready arms.

We established our own sensor “duck blind” operation. You have already been getting intell on system comings, goings, and fleet strengths. Reports will continue as per schedule.
Eureka Maru out.

<<end transmission>>

Five days prior to Offensive: "Jack Box" Base

<<encoded tight burst transmission from vicinity of Atbar VI>>

Updated report relayed by Eureka Maru [LF-9]. We have now been designated forward base “Jack Box” and received our operational orders for the offensive. There has been NO indication that the Cardassians even suspect our presence. Eureka Maru shall maintain monitoring and comms from “Jack Box” base throughout the attack and cleanup.

The remainder of VP-16 Squadrons ships have arrived singly under cloak over the last 8 days.
Five Brazos VAQ ships from VX-1 have also arrived.
Yesterday and today five additional craft from XSR-109 Squadron arrived with their special crews and payloads along with 4 supporting shuttles.

Thank goodness for cloaking.
Eureka Maru out.

<<end transmission>>

One hour prior to Offensive: "Jack Box" Base

<<encoded tight burst transmission from vicinity of Atbar VI>>

Report relayed by Eureka Maru [LF-9].

Starting three hours ago, the five special XSR-109 modified Romulan Scorpion Attack Fighters began their assigned mission. Each craft departed with three Aceton "Remora" Probes Mark II under cloak and moved amidst the Cardassian fleet in orbit around Atbar VI. Their mission was to move into close proximity to their target ships and deploy their Remora-II payloads in critical areas of the hulls. Each Remora-II is soft-landed into position and engages an internal cloak awaiting further activation. The first sortie successfully deployed 15 devices.

On the second sortie, another 13 devices were successfully deployed. One craft, after deployment of the first device, was unable to release the remaining two devices and so returned to base with them. However on return, one of the other Scorpion deployment craft suffered a power malfunction. The crew chose to divert remaining power to the cloak to avoid compromise of the mission. This means they would remain adrift in place with no means to return to base. Hopefully they will survive long enough to be recovered. With exception of the one noted, all Scorpions have been recovered.

The VX-1 VAQ ships have taken up position under cloak as have the remainder of the VP-16 ships with the exception of LF-9 and LF-3. Orochi Maru will remain to provide security for “Jack Box” base.

Standing by for Zero Hour.
Eureka Maru out.

<<end transmission>>

D-Day Action reports

Atbar VI Trap & Attack

<< Atbar VI: 0400 H-Hour >>

One second prior to H-Hour, five Brazos variant Raiders from VX-1 decloaked at the edge of Atbar VI detection range. Each deployed five Type-9 Wild Weasel shuttles which immediately started broadcasting the ghosts of a Maquis attack fleet. Immediately a large number of orbiting Cardassian ships broke orbit in hot pursuit. Allowing sufficient time to lure the Cardassians, the five Raiders launched multiple waves of photon torpedoes at the on-coming ships then turned with the shuttles and set a course for the closest star, going to warp after allowing the enemy to track their course.

The Cardassian ships followed in pursuit, going to warp on the same course. As each ship entered warp, the cloaked Aceton "Remora-II" devices programming engaged. Suddenly each pursuing ship started to experience multiple drains on their RCS Batteries and power systems, as well as neutralizing their Deuterium stores, in direct proportion to the amount of energy expended by the targeted vessels. At maximum warp, this rate was very high. Soon the storage ability of the Remora-II devices reached maximum. For this mission, each device detonated in place rather than detaching to minimise damage. Due to the precision placement, the damage was significant enough to cause the ships to drop out of warp. All shipboard systems were down including navigation, thrusters, weapons, shields, dampers, and artificial gravity. What was worse was the sudden realization that they were still moving with momentum directly towards the heart of a sun.

Still the weapons did have failures. A small percentage of ships were only partially drained and damaged. Three followed the fleet out of warp with no damage at all. The attack had split a large percentage of the Cardassian strength away from the main attack and either destroyed or damaged it. Five enemy ships were destroyed, two crippled, and one was significantly damaged.

The Raiders and their shuttles did what they could to inflict deadly damage on the remaining Cardassian ships. Ultimately, the lack of stores forced the Maquis ships to break away from the remnants of the enemy ships that managed to avoid the sun. Four type-9's were destroyed with most of the rest sustaining some damage. They moved away where the Raiders could recover the rest. Once done, the Raiders warped back to Atbar VI space.

Atbar VI: VP-16 action

Meanwhile at Atbar VI, seven cloaked Raiders from VP-16 joined in on the attack on the rest of the fleet. Bermuda class ships Dawn Maru, Bones Maru, and Sesshou Maru engaged with full loads of torpedoes instead of their normal mixed load of sensor drones/probes. Two each Dodge City and Rock Ridge Raiders teamed up. One team , Batsu Maru and Tiberius Maru, managed to board and capture a Cardassian repair ship. The remaining team, Piper Maru and Hikaru Maru, captured a cargo ship.

Following the battle, Dawn Maru successfully located the remaining XSR-109 Scorpion Attack Fighter which had a malfunction prior to the start of the battle. They had succeeded in maintaining their cloak, but the crew was close to death due to degradation of their life support. The ship was damaged by debris while cloaked but was tractored back to Jack Box Base for repair.

MFS Serendipity action

Report Pending

MFS Compliance action

Report Pending

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