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Please Note

Currently this page is in work. Learning from past mistakes, we intend to document a narrative of events during this campaign. Our ultimate goal is to give participation credit due to those who helped the campaign happen and come to at least a temporary conclusion.

If you have information on Ships/Units that are participants, you may post to the attached discussion page.
We need the: Ship/Cell Name, Member Name, Member Rank, Member Number, and any notes on the type or amount of participation. This is the Honor System, but we will verify claims as needed. Please only list those who participate in whatever way.

Backstory of Operation Masakari


Havaris Space

Vessels Assigned to Task Force: Bettatan'ru

Units Assigned to Operation: Qutluch



You are to avoid contact/detection, any members of your team(s) that are captured are to convince the enemy that they are members of the Havaris Militia. Captured SpecOps personnel are to consider themselves "YOYO" (Your On Your Own) and to hold out as best you can until Delta can come for you.

The Trap Springs

Political Impact

  • The Cardassian involvement on Havaris has been linked to a small dissident group of military officers calling themselves "The Order Akleen", their goal is to return the now lazy and decadent Cardassian Union to its former glory through purging and punishment. Their mission was to use Havaris as a staging area for an invasion of Cardassia to bring about the violent overthrow of the democratic government. The Breen who were initially thought to be mercanary in fact were using the Cardassian dissidents as a means to an end. The Breen ends were to destabilize the Union and then launch an invasion into the Federation in retaliation of damages done during the Dominion war.

With the Cardassian "Order Akleen" destroyed and their plans of deposing the now Democratic government foiled, there is a new hope of peace between the Maquis and Cardassia. The government has issued pardons to numerous Maquis personnel who in the past have been hunted as "war criminals".

The Breen however, are an unknown quantity.

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