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The Liberty Report

Written by Dawn Hess and Christina Doane

Stardate 59233.72
Mon Aug 17 2381 15:42:03 GMT-0500(Central Daylight Time) (Terran reckoning)
(Four months after Atbar IV and Goralis VI)

M'Rao sat at OPs, bored out of her skull. It had been a very quiet patrol today. She toyed with her hair ornament just to give her hands something to do. She glanced around the Bridge at her fellow officers. Meh'hax manned the Science Station on the Starboard side of the View screen. The Skipper and XO were in their seats having a discussion she couldn't quite hear. Kate McIntyre took the Conn. Kate was one of hers, but had a lot of experience at piloting a starship, so often covered that station as well.

The Communications board sprang to life. M'Rao was immediately on it. "Skipperrr, Incoming message."

"Well, what is it?" Trentin Anara sat in the command chair in her trademark rumbled black bdu, she looked up at her Ops Chief.

The Caitian adjusted her ear piece. "Harrrd to tell. Verrry garrrbled. No visual." Her fingers flew over her controls trying to clear up the message. "Kate, can you give me a hand herrre?".

Her assistant Kate McIntyre was immediately at her side and grabbed the spare ear piece. The two worked for sometime.

Anara waited impatiently as the two comm officers huddled over the unit. She understood only part of what they were saying as they began muttering shop talk, at one point, the CEO a Major Sulek came over to help.

Anara caught bits of her conversation as they talked amoung themselves, “I'm telling you we need to collate the magnatomic baryon signal with the nadon conduit...” the engineer was saying.

“But what about taking the rapid quantum distortion into account....” Kate was saying.

“If we strrrengthen the E-M relay filterrr and boost powerrrr to the communications centrrral hub..” M'rao stated.

“Then we can phase out the extranious spatial harmonics..” The Major said in a pleased tone, so they set to work. A few minutes later, M'rao reported that it simply could not be made any clearer.

"Let's hear it." Trentin said eagerly.

"It's still not too clearrr and does not rrepeat. We arre unable rrrestablish contact but herrrre goes."

"Havaris Confederation [static] attack [static] forces unknown [static] defense shields down [static] sensors show [static] ships bombarding [static] soldiers are everywhere [static] not sure how long we can hold, please help us [weapon discharge and scream]

Trentin shared a look of understanding with M'rao. They knew little of Havaris, a colony of refugees. In fact last she heard the brass were considering sending a small team to check them out for possible diplomatic contact, everyone needed more allies. Then she glanced at the helm officer, "All speed to the closest place we can get a signal to base, and get us there in one piece." She turned to M'rao, "Get this message soonest to HQ, we are not going to let some bully throw his weight around if we can do something about it.." She muttered the last remembering her years of combat, there always seemed to be someone who rather then work for what they wanted simply took others. Just because it was common did not mean it sat well with the Bajoran General.

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