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This year's Labor Day Offensive is dedicated to all who have died in the cause of attempting to bring peace to the troubled regions of our world.

Please Note

Currently this page is in work. Our ultimate goal is to give participation credit due to those who helped the campaign happen and come to at least a temporary conclusion. We welcome those who wish to role-play in this forum with us, and only ask that when you present your character or cell portion of the events that unfold, you do not attempt to resolve the conflict through your own direct actions or speak for other cells or individuals also taking part in these events. Should you wish to participate by performing some charitable action or group activity instead, please submit report of what you have done to FCOL Brian Pickett on Facebook or via email at Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

If you have information on Ships/Units that are participants, you may post to the attached discussion page.
We need the: Ship/Cell Name, Member Name, Member Rank, Member Number, and any notes on the type or amount of participation. This is the Honor System, but we will verify claims as needed. Please only list those who participate in whatever way.


In Brief

FCOL Bre Treillis, personal log:

  • Stardate 58593.21, Fri Aug 30 2382 06:18:21 (Central Standard Time)

It has been 6 weeks since the Breen Invasion of Maquis space has been turned aside, and our troupes have barely had time to mourn their losses and begin repairs on damaged vessels and stations. We continue to repel attacks from Cardassians, Nausicaan Marauders and Orion Pirates at the borders of our various zones; but the strain is beginning to show on our forces, particularly our Romulan allies. I can only hope that their Daise'Enarrain, Galen Cretak, can hold them together enough to remain Legionnaires loyal to the cause of the Maquis. But there is something that makes me feel that even Galen is becoming even more distant and subversive from the rest of those who make up the Coordinator's Council, and this causes a small part of my mind to continue to niggle me with unease during the odd moments I get a short break from the duties at hand.

One thing that does bring me a small amount of comfort is the news that COMM Angelsy sent via encryption that he has received word from my Warbirds on success in their classified mission. I am to meet with him - and his aide - within the next 36 hours, for a briefing on the 979th's findings... and I am told there is something very intriguing that they have to share with me.


General Trentin Anara looked battered and bruised, as one of her engineers would say “a mile of bad road.” Tired and achy she just looked annoyed as one of her comms officers stood there, having just given her their new orders. The ship was as battered as her staff, the engineers roped in everyone they could trying to get the repairs completed that much sooner. There was a lot of cursing and movement as repairs proceeded at top speed. The battle for the planet was finally over, the ground had been retaken and the enemy fleet destroyed. Their members dead or captured. Trentin had been coordinating the ground response with other marine leaders when the new orders came in. For her eyes only. Knowing that couldn't be good she returned to the ship.

The reason for the rush was in front of Trentin, she looked down at the PADD she'd translated. The Liberty with “several other Maquis assets” was being tasked to track down leads on regards to why their planet had been attacked. The orders were limited in detail, in case they were intercepted. She sighed, “Have the XO head to these coordinates at best speed as soon as our troops are on board.” The officer nodded and took off. “No rest for the weary or wicked..” she muttered removing her armor for the armorer to repair before the next time and there was always a next time.

TO: [Redacted]

  • FROM: Maquis High Command, Office of the Coordinator.
  • SUBJECT: Orders.

The following Maquis assets are hereby ordered to investigate leads in regards to the recent unprovoked attack by Breen forces. Coordinates enclosed.

Maquis Assets: [Redacted].

Signed T'pek O'Halloran Maquis Forces Coordinator.

T'Pek leaned back in her chair as the orders were sent, she looked at the SSD officer across her desk, "The intel is sound?". The woman nodded, "Aye Ma'am..." the Coordinator sighed, "We've not seen the worst by far." She said somberly, wondering just how much further the plot went. At least the planet was secured and humanitarian aid was in enroute, T'pek turned her attention back to the tasks at hand as she worked to keep all the balls in the air.

A little more than a week later found the Coordinator still at her desk, frustrated. She'd not seen her children in weeks in person and even her husbands good nature was a little frayed as they continued to hole up on the hidden space station. Her council seemed to be arguing more then usual and there was an odd tension. Something was off and she knew it. It could just be the strain of the constant attacks as everyone thought they'd have a go at the Maquis. So far they and their allies would holding up but this couldn't last forever. Or maybe the fact they couldn't meet in person instead using hologram technology since it was important they not all be gathered in one place. "Ma'am your council is ready to meet." Said an aide and T'pek steeled herself for another chaotic meeting that sometimes seemed to do nothing. The meeting she truly wanted with her intel agencies was afterward. She had better hopes that would turn out with more actionable information. She feared she would have to resort to even more unorthodox methods if her information did not improve.


While not the largest Maquis ship, MFS Compliance would certainly be in the top five ships/installations of the Maquis. Much smaller than most Borg vessels, Compliance is still quite capable and flexible as a virtual carrier/flagship/mobile station, serving as home to many smaller vessels attached to her Task Force. With a motley crew of Human and alien Maquis mixed with a smaller core of reformed, revenant Borg serving under ADM Ten-of-Nine, Compliance is not quite as powerful a force of assimilation and rejuvenation as she once was serving under the Borg Collective and single minded Vinculum coordination. The sole advantage is being able to freely choose a path to follow and serving the greater good outside of the collective.

Normally Compliance Task Force maintains station closer to the core Maquis facilities during conflict. This time the Breen incursion that has been ongoing for several months now has left the normal front line Maquis Forces tired, wounded, and damaged. Many units have been called back for rest, replenishment, and refit. Others have been able to lick their wounds, patch together damages, and continue to pursue the enemy.

After carefully considering the options and situation, ADM 10-of-9 has issued new orders: Compliance Task Force is to proceed to join, support, and resupply/rearm the pursuing fleet units as a mobile base of operations.

On the Compliance Flag Suite, the Admiral scans several uber-top level classified intelligence reports from diverse sources, prisoner debriefings, medical reports, and summaries. Sealing the documents, he places his PADD aside, closes his eyes and sits in apparent mediation for several long minutes. Then he begins rapidly entering in individual taskings and orders to the fleet. If the situation is really as bad as it could be, who could be trusted?

First Strike

(More to Come...)

Vessels Assigned to Operation: New Batter

Units Assigned to Operation: New Batter

Home Team Advantage

(More to Come...)

In the Dug-out

In every operation there are many missions carried out by Special Operators that pave the way for the main invasion force. These run everywhere from simple reconnaissance to assassination of key enemy personnel, snatch of priority targets and, infiltration of the enemy's infrastructure.

Spit-curve: Strike Two

(More to Come...)

Strike Three

(More to Come...)

Debriefing: Summary Report to Empok Nor HQ

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