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Since the LDO 2014 came out on such short notice, we're sweetening the deal with some shameless bribes...

The "civilian" forces of this game receive certificates in recognition of their participation. The "official" forces (or at least, their chapters and units) get streamers, reflecting their status as the Maquis Forces military. If you have a battle flag, these go nicely - if you don't... you should!


Operation BUNNY HOP - the bad guys on the good guy side

Everybody should play a bad guy at least once... they can be a lot of fun to play. So, for all those bad guys out there - or at least - people role-playing bad guys (and giving all the lurid details of their adventures), here's a certificate cunningly disguised as a WANTED POSTER. Alluring colors! Rich Corinthian leather! well... maybe not that

For every sentence included in your after action report, you will be worth $100 more in reward money (sentence fragments will be worth a penny each); lurid actions described luridly will be included (if they fit) in why you're wanted.

LDO2014 Wanted Poster-example.gif


Operation FRICASSEED RABBIT - the not so bad guys

People playing privateers and posting pointed pontifications... er... providing adventurous storylines get this neato-keeno Letters of Marque and Reprisal that can be printed up at your own expense, or even posted on your chapter page for all to admire.

Letters of Mark and Reprisal-example.gif


Operation WABBIT SLAYER - the not so good guys

SOC Corsair.gif

For lone wolves of the Commerce Raiders, we have no special certificates, no posters, no monetary rewards for prizes taken, just a ribbon issued by Special Operations Command available for any branch member to wear, whose chapter or unit passes on a report of their exploits. The streamer of the Commerce Raiders:

Streamer Flork Campaign 2385 ComRaider.jpg


Operation OVER KILL - the good guys

They say that virtue is its own reward, and this is no exception for the virtuous paladins of LDO 2014. Here's your streamer... fly it proudly, knowing you done good:

Streamer Flork Campaign 2385 30thSqdn.jpg


--Angelsy1 (talk) 14:01, 24 August 2014 (UTC)
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