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Imperial Maquis Forces
Mirror Maquis1b1.jpg
The Great Seal of
The Imperial Maquis Forces

  • Government: Empire
  • Head of Government: Emperor Gary Davis
  • Founded: 1994
  • Base: Empok Nor
  • Flagship: IMS Nebula
  • Official Language: Federation Standard (English)
  • Motto: "They took our homes, but we took back much more!..."
  • Affiliation: None


Maquis Mirror Mayhem 2013 After Action Report

We have first blood...or first pie :). 1Lt. JacQuline "De'Zart" Kleinsmith managed to hit the International Coordinator. The Ninja pie'ing occurred with a Classic Pumpkin pie with a ton of Coolwhip. Fortunately the IC was packing a hold out pie and was able to get her attacker with single serving lemon creme throwing stars.

Force Captain Laury attempted to launch a tri-prong attack on VADM Frank Parker, FADM Sam Cummings, and FADM Gary Davis. While Vadm Parker and Fadm Cummings were able to dodge the attacks from the Pumpkin pie Gatling FADM Davis was unfortunately taken out via a tasty and classic pumpkin pie :).

More to report for Mirror Week! Force Captain Laury finally hit Vadm Parker with a Pecan pie. However FADM Cummings, who is apparently a secret Ninja, still eludes all attacks.

I will be doing the after action reports later this week but as a final pie report Fadm Cummings has resisted three attempts to be pie'd. And so is awarded the achievement of 'Teflon Coating'. However Force Captain Laury was finally pie'd just before the end with a classic cheesecake.

Special Game Note: Fadm Cummings in awarded the achievement 'Telfon Coating' for resisting the most attempts at being pie'd.

List of those who updated websites, did activities, or in some way participated in Maquis Mirror Mayhem: 1Lt. JacQuline “De'Zart” Kleinsmith FADM Christina Doane Force Captain Josh Laury FADM Gary Davis General Larry French MAJ Nita Burlew MCPT Ander Burlew LT (j.g.) Jason Emery LCPL Tasha Burlew PVT Mike Stahl CIV Charlie Kellner Vice Admiral Frank Parker Fadm Sam Cummings

Game Notes

The Maquis Mirror, mirror Mayhem week will run seven days (Oct. 6th to Oct 12th). Hopefully everyone will get a chance to join the fun! The writing part will continue year 'round as people wish to be creative. Please see the COO or MGen. Marc Easterly for more information.

Participating in Mirror, Mirror Week

The only downside to the first year was many missed out on the mirror and mayhem as spontaneous mirror stories and 'assassination' attempts flew fast and furious so last year we decided to expand it. Instead of Mirror, Mirror Day we've extended it for one week from Mid. Oct. 6th midnight Oct. 12th. It is our belief this will allow those most interested to participate. There are 4 ways to do so, any of the four will get the individual a naval campaign ribbon or attachment, if this isn't your first campaign. Those familiar with the LDO will recognize some elements.

  1. Write a Maquis Mirror, Mirror based story-this can be anything from a routine day of yelling at subordinates to an assassination attempt. Last year I know it was common to post the attempt on the list serve and the target would choose if it stuck. (I do recommend if you are interested to look at the Mirror, Mirror Archives from the members list from last year about this time).
  2. Web Work-Change your chapter page to better reflect Mirror, Mirror, photoshop your skipper into wearing a goatee or some such. Make a Mirror Universe version of a character bio for yourself. Be creative :). Note any Mirror, Mirror changes to the site must be on the IMF version, see above in how to get to there.
  3. And one of the Maquis Mirror Mayhem Games, note there are rules but one can make assassination attempts without playing it simply won't count for the game unless it follows the rules as well.
  4. Other creative acts or events that are relatable to the Mirror, Mirror Universe may count on a case by case basis as approved by the Game Masters.-New addition for 2012.

Game Background

Imperial Maquis Forces is A Star Trek® organization based on the Maquis from TNG®, DS9® and Voyager®

Our Slogan/Battle Cry:
"They took our homes, but we took back much more..."
(Rob Johnson, IMF Co-Founder - 1995)

maquis (proper name):

  1. a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War II (syn: {maquis})
  2. the French underground that fought against the German occupation in World War II.

Source: WordNet (r)1.6 [wn]; We are also listed in the Wikipedia.

We are the REBELS of the sci-fi fandom community!

Join the struggle! Join the Maquis! Imperial Maquis Forces is an empire of Maquis clubs and individuals around the world for the purpose of the free exchange of ideas, information, and friendship. Being Maquis gives us the freedom to act and play as we choose without an organization dictating how we run our chapters and eliminates the need for politics. MFI is a breed apart from the standard cookie cutter Star Trek organization in that we are here for fellowship and fun rather than politics and money.

While the Terran Empire, Dominion and the Alliance of Cardassians & Klingons battled for dominance of the Alpha Quadrant, a group of once enslaved Bajorans & "Earthers," remnants of the Empire's old Starfleet and others began operating in and around that sector of space known as the Badlands. As the three Super Powers battled, abandoning their wounded, disabled ships and technology behind on the battlefields of Planets and Space, a new bond formed among the survivors and one time slaves in order to form a new group of Fighters called Maquis.

Starting with only what ships, technology and abandoned troops the Super Powers left behind, a new Maquis Empire began to chip away and gain foothold in the quadrant. It didn't take long for our Maquis Engineers to learn the various Ship Systems & Technologies, adapt them to suit Maquis needs and eventually create our own Research & Development. As the Dominion, Alliance and Terran Empire virtually withered from attrition, the Maquis Empire grew, fortified, and dug in their heels to become a power that would rival the other weakened organizations of the Alpha Quadrant.

Our organization is made up of a Executive Council led by our Emperor and the Commander-in-Chief, the cornerstone for an empire of chapters across the world. The Council oversees the Zone Governors, who in turn oversee the individual chapters. Although this may seem like a "chain of command", the Council and the Zone Governors are for control and cohesion of the Empire. Chapters can take what they desire or nothing at all from them. Minimal requirements for chapters are that they stay true to the standards of conduct set by the membership and to have fun being maquis. Our goal is to have fun and the spreading of fellowship and friendship to all Maquis and other Star Trek® fan clubs.

The current flagship chapter of the Maquis is the IMS Nebula.

For more information about IMF see MFI's Mirror page of IMF from the main site map page:

Actual Background

There is nothing wrong with your website. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical.

Ok maybe not so much lol. You do control the website, if you go to

And click on 'IMF 'Mirror' Site' the entire website will flip, for you to its mirror, mirror version. To turn back all you need to do is click 'MFI 'Mirror' Site'. I strongly recommend you check out the IMF version its a lot of fun.

To explain the first year, as a surprise activity for one day the website suddenly flipped to Mirror, Mirror. To quote the information on the Mirror Founders Council Page: “A council created when two friends came to visit another on the occasion of his wedding. When that friend remarked to one, "nice beard", that friend responded, "All the more to be ready for the Mirror Universe!".. Thus started the "spitballing" and idle machinations of these three friends to create a "Mirror" club of their beloved Maquis. Throughout that weekend and the weeks after, these three worked feverishly on a true mirror "Mirror" site of MFI making it IMF (Imperial Maquis Forces). They redid graphics, "imperialized" ships, rewrote bios and backstories, and generally had a great deal of fun creating this website. In doing so, we hope that when discovered, when members finally find the "Dark Mirror" "Through the Looking Glass", that they will have as much fun as we did creating this!”-

Kudos to FADM (ret. ) Gary A. Davis, FADM, (ret.) Robert G. Johnson, FADM Samuel S. H Cummings, and Vice Admiral (ret.) J. William Robertson for creating this universe for us to play in! Note this is only in fun and is not meant to be a permanent separate group but just a bit of fun in the mirror universe and a chance to honor the first mirror episode. That day that shall live on infamously? Oct. 6th. For on Oct. 6th 1967 Star Trek first aired 'Mirror, Mirror' that place of goatees and shiny wrap around shirts. For those who may not know:,_Mirror_%28TOS_episode%29

Maquis Mirror Fan Fiction Writing Extravaganza!

Ok not too much pretty much people may post to the list or work with the GM privately on short works of fiction called posts. All posts, however written, will be gathered and archived on this page. To encourage writing and reward those who wish to be creative in this way we have created the following certificate achievements for writing:

  1. Machiavelli-Writing a post that accomplishes a political goal in a subtle and clever fashion
  2. The Wizard- Get out of being cornered whether in battle or other situations. Getting out of a tight spot.
  3. Downhill-Yell at or otherwise punish a subordinate
  4. Facets-Write a good character building post
  5. Harrison Jones-Write a good action post.
  6. Shakespeare-Write a good drama post.
  7. Medic!-Write a post with at least one good medical scene.
  8. Back in my Day-A flashback that helps people understand your character better.
  9. The enemy of my enemy is my friend-Write a post with at least 2 other people.
  10. Techno-Fu Black Belt-Write a good post that uses technical or specialist knowledge.

Note the main rule with writing is one can not use another members character without permission. And if you are not sure if your post is suitable for posting please see the GM and try to keep things within a PG-13 rating.

Maquis Mirror Mayhem

M3 is a new style of game we tried out last year and it drew a great deal of interest and activity. In MMM anyone may attempt to assassinate anyone else in true Mirror, Mirror fashion. In this case because we are trying to keep track we've set up a system. Basically there will be achievements one can get but to do so any assassination attempts one wishes to count toward the achievements must be rolled by a GM with a percentile dice or two 10 sided dice. The GM will then work out with the target and assassin what happens next in story format for the list. For more detail please see below.

Maquis Mirror Mayhem Game Rules


  1. There will be a Game Master as is typical in role playing games. The Job of the GM will be to act as final judge on all conflicts and rolls the dice based on a percentile system to judge success or failure of an M3 Game attempt. If the number rolled is higher then the number needed the attempt is successful. If the number rolled matches or goes below then it is not.
  2. The GM is not a viable target and is outside the game.
  3. A particular person can only kill a certain person once. They may attempt up to their max attempts per day but once they kill someone they may not try again. The person only resets for others.
  4. A particular person has 4 attempts per day (day defined as midnight to midnight) they may make. After all it takes a lot of work to plot the downfall of ones superiors. Even the best will find it hard to plot more then so many in a certain time period.
  5. If a person fails to kill their target, the next time they go for that target the difficulty is now higher by 5. And will raise 5 each attempt until a 100% is reached or the game ends. At 100% the target is considered on such high alert for that particular person so as to be unkillable by that person. Others trying to kill the same person will not suffer the same penalty.
  6. If the roll is failed by 50% or more the assassin is killed instead. For example if the needed number to hit is 75% and a 25% is rolled then the assassin would be killed, say by the targets security staff. Personnel killed this way do not count toward the targets assassination score but it makes a really funny story to write up later.
  7. All attempts should be sent in story format, just a little paragraph or so on what you want to do, directly to the GM (you may post to the list as well but unless you inform the GM that this is a M3 Game attempt they will not know to roll for it) who will make the roll and inform the target. At which time the target or GM will post the result in story format to the list.
  8. In case of those not wishing to play period as targets or whatever, must let the GM know they are removing themselves from the game. They will not count as targets nor toward the 4 attempt s per day. Note: They can not remove themselves as a target but attempt to kill others in the M3 Game.
  9. Those 'killed' reset after each death like a video game. The idea in this game is body count and points. Outside of this game if a person allows themselves to be 'killed' in story format they are 'dead' unless they pull a clone or some other plot device from their writers bag of tricks.
  10. Important note the Story Writing part of Mirror, Mirror Week is separate from the M3 Game so things can happen in story that will not reflect on the M3 Game score, in case of confusion see the GM.
  11. In the person of the GM the GM is unkillable however in their normal Maquis Persona they are fair game. Anyone wishing to assassinate the GM as their normal Maquis Persona in game is to contact the GM Alternate.

Maquis Mirror Mayhem Game Difficulty Ratings and Points worth

  1. 75 For the Current Emperor and Intendant (IC/VIC) (12 points each)
  2. 72 For Former Emperors (Founders and Former IC's) (10 points per)
  3. 65 For rest of the Ruling Council (CC) (8 points per )
  4. 60 For a Zone/Branch/HQ Department Head(6 per)
  5. 50 For Zone/Branch/HQ Department staffs(5 per)
  6. 40 For CO/XO's(4 per)
  7. 30 For senior officers/junior officers (2)

Maquis Mirror Mayhem Game Achievements

Achievements. These are goals in the game that if reached net the individual a certificate and will be listed on the Maquis Mirror, Mirror 2011 section of the website for all posterity :). All achievements winners do get certificates.

The achievements are:

  1. Hunting Season, killed at least 5 Branch Staff, 2 of which must be Branch Heads.
  2. Moving Target-Killed at least 5 persons who hold or have held more then 3 leadership/staff positions within MFI above CO.
  3. The Big Cheese-If one can kill a current or former MFI Leader, Sam Cummings, Rob Johnson, Gary Davis, or Christina Doane. Note this Achievement is upgradable to the 'Big Cheese Platter' if at least 3 have been taken out.
  4. Flag in Distress- Killed at least 3 flag ranked Officers.
  5. Captain My Captain- Killed a CO and/or XO.
  6. I just don't like you-Killed at least 5 people overall.
  7. Red Shirt-Person killed the most.
  8. Don't Fear the Reaper-Killed the most number of people.
  9. None Are Safe-Highest number of points.
  10. Teflon Don-survived most murder attempts.
  11. Assassins Guild-Kill at least one person. It was decided that since the Pie Banditos had their one hit achievement so would the ones playing the assassination game.

Beware The Pie Banditos!

Notes: Part way through the Mirror, Mirror week 2010 the Mirror, Mirror Staff got really silly and this is the result. All rules will follow the assassination game rules. See below for new achievements.

Story Intro: As the solider stomps along in the darkened corridor on his patrol route, he turns thinking he sees movement in the shadows of the bowels of Empok Nor. Seeing nothing he continues with his patrol. Only to see something ahead of him. He approaches carefully, one hand pointing his weapon the other scanning the unknown item. He should call in to central security command to report the oddity but if it turned out to be nothing he did not wish to go into the booth so he moved forward. It took him a precious few seconds to understand what he was seeing. It was so out of place. A Pie. "Banana Cream.." he mutters to himself, puzzled he bent to get a closer look. Suddenly a shadow detached from others and flew at him, before he knew what happened the pie was in his face and he tried to wipe his eyes to clear them, blinking rapidly to find a target...that wasn't there.... <end>

Announcing! Those not wishing to 'kill' may 'Pie' others instead. All the assassination achievements may be used for the Pie Banditos instead at the choice of the player.

A second variation is using the assassination difficulty ratings, one may leave a perfectly safe to eat fictional pie or other tasty treat just to confuse people :). Achievements will be changed to suit.

  1. Swedish Muppet Chef: Pie'd at least 5 MFI Staff, 2 of which must be Branch Heads.
  2. Moving Target-Pie'd at least 5 persons who hold or have held more then 3 leadership/staff positions within MFI above CO.
  3. Pie Ninja-If one can pie a current or former MFI Leader, Sam Cummings, Rob Johnson, Gary Davis, or Christina Doane. Note this Achievement is upgradable to the 'Pie Ninja Master' if at least 3 have been Pie'd
  4. But The Gunk's On My Shinies- Pie at least 3 flag ranked Officers.
  5. Captain My Captain- Pie'd CO and/or XO.
  6. My Allergies!-Pie'd at least 5 people overall.
  7. Red Shirt-Person Have been Pie'd the most.
  8. Dinner Impossible-Pie'd the most number of people.
  9. None Are Safe-Highest number of points.
  10. Teflon Coating-Survived most number of Pie attempts.
  11. Pie Bandito!: Be declared an official Pie Bandito if you manage to Pie or leave a Pie for anyone.

Misc. Game Notes

  1. The Game Master(s) will be FADM Christina Doane and Lt. General Marc Easterly.


The Game begins now, good luck!

Christina R. Doane IC, MFI (General Trentin Anara Intendant of Empok Nor, Bajoran Sector , IMF.)

Star Trek Mirror Universe Watch Party

Will be at at 5pm eastern Oct. 11th. The episodes will be both ENT's. People will load them up on their players or via netflick's or however else they can. We watch them and comment in chat. Its alot of fun :). Any questions please email Christina Doane.

Star Trek Mirror Universe Episode List

Note: In order of story arc so may be different then official release order.

  1. TOS: "The Tholian Web"
  2. ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"
  3. ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"
  4. TOS: "Mirror, Mirror"
  5. DS9: "Crossover"
  6. DS9: "Through the Looking Glass"
  7. DS9: "Shattered Mirror"
  8. DS9:"Resurrection"
  9. DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak"

Goatee Hall of Honor

As something fun members are encouraged to send a picture of themselves to the GM's wearing a real or fake goatee in honor of Maquis Mirror Mayhem.

General K’moghjIH zantai-Ki’RK (Larry French) ICV Heghnach, Zone 3.

1Lt. De'Zart (JacQuline Kleinsmith) MFS Liberty, Zone 4.

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