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The following is a short fiction of the actions of the crew of the M.F.S. Dominator while searching for SEALS V and the saga of their journey home from Barkon IV.

The Dominator's last Waltz

After receiving their mission objectives from Maquis command, Captain Jason Ryan, commanding officer of the MFS Dominator, called his crew together. Their orders were simple: find and, if at all possible, recover SEALS Team V from the surface of the planet Barkon IV while also creating confusion amongst any enemy forces located on the planet. Captain Ryan chose two teams for this mission. The first was comprised of Captain Wade Larkin, Commander Christopher Parker, and four hand-picked members of Commander Parker’s security team. The first team was to focus on the retrieval of SEALS Team V. In the event that SEALS Team V were unable to be found or were deceased upon discovery, the team’s goal would then be to determine what exactly had happened to SEALS Team V and recover any reconnaissance and/or equipment they had gathered from Barkon IV. Meanwhile, the second team, lead by Captain Ryan and Lieutenant Commander Kermit Swan, would act as a distraction for the first team. To this end, Captain Ryan came to the decision to bring along a biogenetic handheld weapon on this already dangerous mission. However, once the captain announced his decision to use the aforementioned weapon, Lieutenant Russell Witcraft expressed his objection to this decision loudly and repeatedly and, citing his position as Chief Science Officer, informed the captain that if he wanted to use that particular weapon on this particular mission, Lieutenant Witcraft would be coming along to make sure no one fragged themselves or their team by accident. With the backing of Executive Officer Crystal Oakes, Lieutenant Witcraft was added to Captain Larkin’s team. Charging XO Oakes with the commander of the Dominator, Captain Ryan ordered the two teams to move out.

The teams landed at two separate landing sites. The first team began to move towards the location where the intelligence they had been given in the mission briefing indicated SEALS Team V might be located. The second team had the good fortune to stumble upon an enemy supply line near their landing site. Outnumbered but with the element of surprise on their side, Captain Ryan’s team were able to disrupt and secure the supply line with relative ease. They salvaged what they could from the site.

As Captain Larkin’s team approached the possible location of SEALS Team V, he noticed that they had not encountered any enemies at all during their time on the planet. Suspicious, he ordered his troops to draw back and regroup. Unfortunately, Larkin’s orders came a moment too late. A large enemy force launched a surprise attacked upon the unprepared team, killing the four security officers outright and leaving Captain Larkin with moderate wounds to the head, chest, and left arm. Enraged by the deaths of his men, Commander Parker charged recklessly towards the enemy, incapacitating several before receiving a nearly fatal wound on his upper right leg. As those who could still move began to withdraw, the enemy readied itself for another attack. Seeing this, Lieutenant Witcraft bravely risked his own life by deploying the biogenetic handheld weapon, killing the front line troops and causing those remaining to retreat. Chalking up the whole mission as a bust, Captain Larkin called for an emergency transport off the planet. Once safely back on the Dominator, both Captain Larkin and Commander Parker were turned over to Lieutenant JG Tonya Martin and her capable medical staff for treatment. (Note: eyewitness reports confirm that Chief Petty Officer Beth Poe did “freak out” upon seeing the condition of Captain Larkin and Commander Parker. However, it is worth noting that (a) this was Poe’s first official act as Transporter Chief; (b) she managed to successfully and safely extract three people, two of whom had substantial injuries, from a high risk combat situation; and (c) Poe’s distress was caused more from her worry that she had caused Larkin and Parker’s injuries then by the sight of their injures as early reports had claimed.)

By the time that XO Oakes has relayed the details of the first team’s emergency evacuation, his team had become under attack as well. Seeing as how they had already failed on the mission’s primary objective, Captain Ryan gave the order for his group to fall back and, once at a safe distance, transport off the planet. While there were some casualties during the withdrawal, the captain and Commander Swan were able to return to the ship safely. Once aboard the Dominator, Captain Ryan ordered the ship to withdraw. The Dominator was able to leave the space around Barkon IV in spite of the massive damage it had taken during the failed rescue mission.

Not far from Maquis headquarters, Commander David Roberts informed Captain Ryan of a major problem. The warp drive was no longer functioning. Lieutenant JG Whitney DuVal then informed the captain that the impulse drives had also gone out and the Dominator was now essential dead in the proverbial water. Following some quick thinking and some colorful language from his XO, Captain Ryan organized the ship’s special ops and marine aerospace fight teams so that, through the use of tethers and prayer, they towed the Dominator into the docking bay.

(This account was complied and transcribed by Lieutenant Junior Grade Whitney DuVal, Helmsman of the steaming hunk of metal that was once the MFS Dominator.)

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