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Maquis Settlement on Dernak VI Destroyed

Dernak VI Map

Over Three Thousand Maquis Civilians Dead

Stardate: 58876.72, Tue Aug 17 2382 17:00:00 (Terran Reckoning)

From: The Maquis News Network

A transport vessel making its usual round of pickups and deliveries made a horrifying discovery almost twenty six hours ago. Captain Ruatha Konnen of the MFS Rotunda felt something was amiss when the Comm. Center failed to reply to his hails requesting landing instructions. After making several passes over the settlement and observing some of the damage, Capt. Konnen returned to orbit and notified the Authorities. Maquis Command immediately dispatched units of the Maquis Special Security Division Investigators to the scene.

Dernak VI was primarily an agricultural settlement with just over three thousand inhabitants.

Cmdr. Daled, Ezri Team Leader of the SSD detachment has this to say; ” We’re not finished with our investigation but, I can say that at this point, the settlement appears to have been razed from orbit using spiral-wave weapons.”.

Cmdr. Daled declined further questions.

Breaking news from Dernak VI

Stardate: 58881.49, Thu Aug 19 2382 14:35:00 (Terran Reckoning)

The Maquis Special Security Division Corps of Investigators has just released their report on the razing of the Dernak VI settlement.

The report includes evidence of Cardassian warp signatures and weaponry on, near and around the settlement.

An unidentified Coordinator Council member was quoted as saying only that "Justice will be done in the matter".

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