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Refer to Zone Coordinators for the most current information.

Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina

Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington



Elections for the position of IC will only be held in the event of the retirement of the current IC or if an IC fails a Vote of Confidence in the odd numbered years.

  • Elections are a special thing for MFI and if at any time one is conducted, the CC shall have the sole authority to determine the voting process and the process in which the votes are tallied from the Chapter Chairpersons.
  • If any candidate for IC objects to the process in which votes are tallied, they assume total financial responsibility for hiring an independent party to tally the votes. The CC will generally use a method that is free for the membership and MFI. For detailed rules regarding the process please see: http://wiki.maquis.com/w/Elections

Nominations Phase

Nominations for the position of IC will be taken and forwarded to the Elections Supervisor, who shall be appointed by the CC, but shall not be a member who is a candidate for IC.

  • A minimum of five nominations from any Commanding Officer and/or Zone Coordinator must be submitted to nominate a member of MFI in good standing to the position of IC.
  • The nominations phase will begin at a time that the CC has determined after a failed VOC or at least three months prior to the date in which the current IC has stated he or she will retire so that a smooth transition of the office may occur.

Campaigning Phase

Campaigning for the position of IC in an election will begin following the nominations phase and may only be conducted via the official Campaigning listserv.

  • The CC will establish this listserv for the sole purpose of campaigning.
  • Only one message containing the Nominees platform may be sent to the general Maquis MFI listserv.
  • The Nominee will be responsible for selecting their VIC candidate and a slate of officers to serve in the other CC positions.
  • The Campaigning phase will end at a time that the CC designates or at least two months prior to the date in which the current IC will retire, to allow a sufficient amount of time for the voting to occur.

Campaigning may be done via any forum -- letters, electronic mail, flyers etc. Candidates are encouraged to use the listserv and the BADLANDS Newsletter as a campaign forum.

Election Phase

The Elections phase will begin immediately following the Campaigning phase.

  • The Elections Supervisor shall send out the details of how the Election will be conducted, how Chapter CO's will vote, and how the results will be tallied before the Elections phase begins.
  • The elections phase shall end at a time that the CC designates in a failed IC VOC or at least two weeks prior to the date in which the current IC will retire.
  • The results must be tallied and presented to the CC at least 7 days following the election of a failed VOC and at least one week prior to the date in which the current IC will retire.

The new IC will take office no later than 3 days following the announced results of an election.

  • The outgoing IC is responsible for transferring all materials related to the office of IC and MFI in general to the new IC at least 10 days after having taken office.
  • It is hoped that this transition (if one was to occur) is a smooth and timely process without delays.
  • Upon the election or appointment of a new IC, their rank will be commensurate with the position and they shall be elevated to the rank of Force Admiral.
  • Upon the election or appointment of a new VIC, their rank will be commensurate with their position and they shall be elevated to the rank of Admiral or its equivalent.
  • The ranks of the remainder of the IC's CC will be at the discretion of the IC.

Candidate Guidelines

For the office of IC there are certain mandatory requirements.
Candidates for these offices must be:

  • 1. 21 yrs of age minimum.
  • 2. Possess outstanding leadership and management skills.
  • 3. Prepared to assume, personally, without charge to the organization, some of the "costs" inherent in the position.
  • 4. Able to put the membership ahead of self.
  • 5. A nominee for IC, must have been a member of MFI for at least 3 consecutive years and is required to have command experience, this need not be necessarily from MFI.

Violations of these guidelines could be grounds for impeachment as voted by the general membership if a person is elected to office and then shows flaws in his/her performance that demonstrate the individual is not qualified to continue in office.


Casting Votes for Elections. Each eligible MFI chapter will cast their vote on the MFI website with an Election Tool to be designed and implemented by the Computer Operations Department.

  • Each chapter will take a vote from the members of that chapter to determine their consolidated chapter vote and cast that decision as the sole chapter vote.
  • MFI operates under the "One Chapter, One Vote" principal to avoid situations where large chapters control the outcome of elections.
  • The chapter vote will be cast (using the Election Tool) by the chapter chairperson or other designated contact person according to MFI's chapter contact information. The person casting the chapters vote will use their MFI userid and password. The voter’s IP address will also be used for an added measure of security to ensure that votes are being cast by the person designated to do so.

Outgoing Officers

All outgoing officers must turn over all materials connected with their office to the in-coming officers no less than thirty (30) days prior to the incoming officers assuming office. Failure to do so shall subject the offending outgoing officers to summary disciplinary proceedings, in addition to any remedies provided by the applicable civil or criminal laws.


It is each Zone's responsibility to determine the candidate qualifications, nomination, election procedures, and length of term of office for its Zone Coordinator.

  • The Zone Coordinator, or the Zone Commanding Officers if there is no Zone Coordinator, shall appoint a person to serve as the Supervisor of Elections.
  • This person can be neither the Zone Coordinator, nor Zone Staff Member, nor a candidate for any zone wide office.
  • The only stipulation that MFI levies as requirements to hold this office is that the elected Zone Coordinator be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and have previous command experience.
  • The Chief of Computer Operations will provide a listing of all eligible voters of that Zone to the Zone Supervisor of Elections upon request.
  • It is the Zone Supervisor of Elections' responsibility to make that list available to eligible candidates.

Should any Zone member or candidate feel that there were irregularities in the election process he/she should request an investigation from the MFI Legal Advisor. The elected Zone Coordinator will be considered interim until the investigation is completed. Should irregularities be found a new election will be called under the supervision of an appointed investigation officer.


See Ranks for the most up-to-date information and comparison charts.


Promotions for local unit/chapters and members are at the discretion of the local Commanding Officer/Chairman of said local unit or chapter.

  • COs are authorized to make promotions up to but not including their present rank. (i.e., a Captain can promote their members up to Commander).
  • This policy is restricted to promotions up to 'Captain' for those COs holding flag or general officer rank and promotion of their local members. Promotion above Captain is addressed below.

Flag Officer Promotions:

  • All promotions over the rank of Captain must be acted upon by the Coordinator Council only and will be made one grade at a time unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this document or the consitution (i.e. Captain to Force Captain, Force Captain to Commodore, Commodore to Rear Admiral, Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral, and Vice Admiral to Admiral.
  • Only a flag officer may submit a nomination for a flag officer promotion.
  • Nominees must be a Captain over the age of 21 and in good standing with the organization.
  • The nomination will be received by a Coordinator Council member and a vote of two fellow Council members must be made to authorize the promotion.
  • The IC must be made aware of the acceptance of nomination prior to promotion authorization and notification to the member of his/her new rank.
  • If you are of flag rank, your rank must be reviewed and approved by the Coordinator Council.


Trek Inspired Uniforms - MFI Options

See Uniforms for typical MFI Uniforms. 
See KTF/Uniforms for MFI Klingon Uniform guidelines.
See Ranks for MFI rank insignia charts. 
See Awards for MFI award and ribbon guidance info. 
See MFI Quartermaster for sources of Uniform items and Insignia.

Rank pins are available at a variety of sources. MFI does provide a few of those places online and even our quartermaster shop stocks supplies of those rank insignias that we can obtain. You may visit MFI Quartermasterfor any of your uniform or Maquis needs. Rank pins can be worn on civilian clothing or on constructed costumes and uniforms.

Uniforms are an optional item for MFI. The organization does not prescribe uniforms as they are up to the individual member as well as chapter. Explore the links provided to find some examples that HQ has constructed. These examples are for your guidance only and can be used to derive your own versions of the uniform in any shape or form.


  • liaison - Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

Specifically: A process of communication between parts of an organization or between two organizations acting together for a common purpose.

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