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Samples of Standard Directory/NavBoxes

Either click the edit link for these pages or the view source link if the page is protected to see the coding used to format the boxes.


NOTE: For some reason the part of the title bar giving Sam's Rank and Name per the MFI Database doesn't always want to display on this page. Other pages seem fine <shrug>

Database Directory of FADM Samuel S. H. Cummings, International Coordinator (2006-2010)
User space: My Home | My Talk (archives: 1 2 3 4) | My Contributions | My Cell | My Sandbox | SETI@Home Project |
| Planetary Database (Alpha) | My Projects | Command History | My Awards |


NOTE: For some reason the part of the title bar giving Rob's Rank and Name per the MFI Database doesn't always want to display on this page. Other pages seem fine <shrug>

Directory of FADM Robert Johnson, International Coordinator (Ret.) 2004 - 2007
MFS Sutherland PageSutherland SchematicsMFS ColoradoMFI Medical LibraryMaquis SEALS
"Real Life" PageTalk PageArchives: #1 #2FADM Johnson's LibrarySandbox Pages: #1 #2 #3 #4
Maquis_R&DMaquis_SIM_Project"Con Security Command" CourseNebula Class InfoNavBox

Cell:MFS Compliance/Transporter

(Designed by Steve Lackey)
NOTE: A Cell/Ship NavBox example. Check the use of graphics.

  Crew Links, Divisions, and Projects of MFS_Compliance  
IC Election Intent • (Election Docs: SVA | 2 | 3 | 4| | 5
"Ten-of-Nine" Data FileXO's Data FileCadet
Special Projects Portal: Ops OfficeOld Ops DirTransporterAux Ships
Stolen Valor ActFuture
Acad Registrars OfficeAcad Curriculum OfficeProposed Constitution Update
Cargo Deck: ProjectsGraphic Clipboards: 1234567• (Cargo Hold: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4| | 5 | 6) •


NOTE: An Office NavBox example. In this case the COO.

Chief of Operations (COO) Directory for FADM Joshua Laury
Command Links: Coordinator Council | Branches | Admin Council | COO Office | Zones (per wiki) | Zones (per database)
COO Links: Staff | Orders | COO History | ZC's | ZC Duties | Badlands COO | MFI Vacancies | Ops Dir | (Projects: 6 7 8 9 )


NOTE: Yet another User directory.

Directory of VADM Gene Yazdir, Zone 1 Coordinator, COO-SOC
Zone 1 Page | MFS Phantom Zone | Raider Class Info | Raptor Class Info | Black Knights Squadron
Talk Page | Sandbox Page 1 | Sandbox Page 2 | Runabout Sea Of Tranquility | SOC (Special Operations) | Navbox


NOTE: A Department NavBox example.

Awards Division Quick Menu
Main Page
International Level Awards Department Level Awards Branch Level Awards
Zone Level Awards Chapter Level Awards Other MFI Awards
Order of Precedence Attachments Ribbon Construction
Nominating a person for an award

Template:RP SIM Header

NOTE: In this case this IS more of a template because it is a common page header for all Role Play SIM pages. [Though it does include a few key Nav links...]

Mfi logo small.gif


NOTICE: Welcome to the Official MFI SIM Division, a part of the MFI Operations Department. All ranks, ships, personnel, and events are Role-Play. All events, statements, and opinions are simply in the spirit of FUN and play. To return to the "REAL" MFI pages, click here: MFI Home
SIM Home | MFS Serendipity | Bylaws | Division Orders | Join | Roster | Maint | Maint2 | Archives

Vertical Directory/NavBox

(Designed by Rob Johnson)
This code, by itself, would show up in the Center of a page (Who would want That?)... But as shown in this example link... User:Rjohnson/Sandbox3a, when this code is incorporated/embedded into a standard Table Code, it would Then place the Directory along the Left, or Right side of a page.

The Sample below was created to replace KTF's Directory section of the page, which as it was, every single page would need to be edited & updated every time a new link was added to the site. Using this vertical directory code would automatically update every page with just one edit.



(Designed by Rob Johnson)
NOTE: NOT a navbox but this does demonstrate how other pages can be cloned elsewhere with a simple line of code.

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