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We currently monitor Maquis Freenode IRC Chat Interface regularly. This is a web interface to Freenode's #maquis IRC chat room.

IRC is one of MFI's main lines of communications that MFI utilizes for real time meetings and chat. We maintain a general channel on and create other channels as needed.



To access IRC you need an IRC client. A Client is a program that allows you to access and chat on IRC channels. There are many that are available.

  • mIRC is the most well known and most used stand-alone program.
  • Mozilla has a browser called SeaMonkey, which has an excellent IRC client built into it. It is based upon the same engine as
  • Firefox's browser, making it more secure than Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  • Trillian Messenger is another relatively "stand-alone" (non-web based) client. Along with being able to monitor and handle MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and AIM chats in one bundle, Trillian can also work as a great IRC platform.

A client is a separate program from the browser. Even when using SeaMonkey, it's a separate function and opens in a separate window. Never place a server address in a browser's address bar.

You can also access the fleetchat IRC channels by using the Fleetchat Java Interface link. Note that this allows only access to the Fleetchat channels and not to any other helpful servers such as Freenode.


There are 3 main servers by which MFI recommends its members to utilize. They are:

The last server is the default server and will place you on another server as the system see best.


Once you have your client up and running you connect to the server by typing:


Of course you can substitute any of the servers you wish. It's important to note that there should be no space between the slash and the word "server" and there is a required space between the "/server" and the name of the server.

Connecting With Trillian

In the Trillian "Manage Connections" window for IRC, there are four (4) windows for Information:

  • Name of Chat - (Call it "Fleetchat" if you want)
  • Server - ( ,, etc)
  • User Name - (The Name you want to be "seen" as)
  • Secondary Name/Organization - MFI, MFI-HQ, MFMC, MRL, etc. (You may also simply leave this blank)
  • Other Secondary Information - (You can leave this blank too)

Upon Connecting...

After you are connected to the server, you should see a lot of information come up on your client screen. Be sure to look it over as it contains important messages, as well as terms of service.

To connect to the MFI channel type

/join #maquis

Like "/server" there can be no spaces between the slash and the command "join". All commands work like that. A good tutorial for IRC commands can be found here.

In Trillian, after you set up the Main Info, if you click on the [change] button, a secondary window will open, which will allow you to automatically Join the MFI Channel.

In the "Perform Buffer" section,
check the section that states "After successful Connection to this IRC server..."
In the window below that, type in " /join #maquis " (without the quotes)

This will log you into the Maquis IRC automatically upon connection.

You can Create a channel/chat room simply by using the same procedure as joining a channel. If a channel does not exist when the join command is used the system will create the channel with the creator as the default SysOp for that channel ONLY.


If there are any questions then please place them in the discussion section by clicking on the Discussion Tab above and then clicking on the "+" tab when the discussion pages come up and they will be addressed.

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