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Notice of Invocation of Section 2 Authority

To: FADM Gary A. Davis, Ret
MFI Chief of Staff

20 July 2007, 1222 EST

FADM Davis: (GEN Doane:)

On Sunday, 21 July 2007, I am leaving town on a personal trip to Cambridge City, IN and shortly after; to Plainfield, IN and may be out of contact for periods in the coming week. I have determined to transfer my Constitutional authority to the Vice International Coordinator for 8 (eight) days effective at 0000, 21 July 2007.

Inso-doing, in accordance with Article IV, Section 2, Subsection (b) ("Section 2") of the Constitution of Maquis Forces International, this is my written declaration that I will be unable to discharge the office of International Coordinator for the period of time mentioned above. GEN Christina Doane is to represent MFI as it's Acting International Coordinator, with full executive authority; until I inform you of my intentions to resume office, which will be effective immediately upon transmittal of that notification, to be expected 9 (nine) days from today.

This message will be posted on the MFI website under the IC webpage for the membership to be aware of, which will include my revocation letter when the time arises.



Notice of REVOCATION of Section 2 Authority

To: FADM G. A. Davis, Ret.
MFI Chief of Staff

30 July 2007

FADM Davis: (GEN Doane:)

As per my letter to you dated 20 July 2007 regarding my declared incapacity, I am informing you that I am now able to resume and discharge the office of International Coordinator as per Section 2 of Article IV.

With the transmittal of this notification, I am officially resuming office effective immediately.

International Coordinator

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