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Maquis Forces International Coordinator

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Authorization Order 3016 - Coordinator Council Realignment and Brevet Flag Officer Appointment

WHEREAS, The International Coordinator serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Force; and

WHEREAS, Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of Maquis Forces International of 2003 gives the IC the authority to place and appoint officers of the Coordinator Council; and

WHEREAS, Officers selected for the Coordinator Council are generally officers of Flag rank, or are breveted to such; and

WHEREAS, The IC has passed the 2009 Vote of Confidence and is hereby making changes to the Coordinator Council of the Force.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Samuel S. H. Cummings, pursuant to the powers vested in me as International Coordinator and Commander-in-Chief of Maquis Forces International, hereby ORDER the following:

1. Appointment of MFI Chief of Staff.

  • FADM Robert G. Johnson is hereby ordered to report to and relieve FADM Gary Davis as MFI Chief of Staff. FADM Johnson's long success in this position as well as FADM Davis' reassignment, make him an excellent candidate. WELL DONE to both of you.

2. Amendment of Authorization Order 3003.

  • The position of Maquis Security Advisor is hereby reclassified as a Tier II position within MFI Governance. MSA will move off of the Coordinator Council into the Administrative Council as a Branch Head, as well as continue the directives within it's auspices.

3. Appointment of Maquis Security Advisor.

  • COMM Taylor Goodwill is hereby ordered to report to and relieve the retiring VADM J. William Robertson as Maquis Security Advisor. VADM Robertson's near-decade service to the Force and in the last year in this position have not gone unnoticed. We wish you well on your retirement. COMM Goodwill's behind-the-scene's dedication to the Force has also not gone unnoticed. Your time as MFI List Moderator as well as the work accomplished with the MFI Database and the Academy have done us proud. CONGRATULATIONS to both!

4. Establishment of CHIEF OF SPECIAL SERVICES on the Coordinator Council.

  • While the MFI Chief of Staff handled matters of the Chief of Communications, it is clear that the handling of that office, as well as that of the MFI Quartermaster, and other such special offices and functionings within the Force require a single, unified manager in which to accomplish these goals. The Chief of Special Services shall, at this time, administer the offices of Chief of Communications and the MFI Quartermaster - such requirements subject to change upon the request of the IC or the Coordinator Council.

5. Appointment of Chief of Special Services.

  • FADM Gary A. Davis is hereby appointed as the inaugural Chief of Special Services. His time as acting as Chief of Communications while Chief of Staff as well as his highly successful time as MFI Quartermaster makes him an ideal candidate for such a position. Congratulations!

6. Appointment of Academy Commandant.

  • FCAPT Gary Hollifield, Jr. is hereby ordered to report to and relieve FADM Robert G. Johnson as Academy Commandant; as he will be assuming the office of MFI Chief of Staff. Welcome aboard the Coordinator Council!

7. Brevet Flag Officer Appointment.

  • FCAPT Gary Hollifield, Jr. is hereby breveted the rank of Commodore in the Maquis Forces Naval Branch in commensurate with his appointment of Academy Commandant, a period to last 6 (six) months, unless otherwise voted upon by the Coordinator Council. A review will be conducted upon which a determination of his rank will be finalized at that time.

8. This order is effective at 1800 EST, 16 March 2009.

Ordered at EMPOK NOR, 16 March 2009.



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