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International Coordinator Communications Device

The ICCD, Class 3.

The International Coordinator Communications Device (also called the "ICCD" and "The Button") is a specially outfitted device used by the International Coordinator to communicate with the Maquis leadership. Adopted to permit the IC to issue orders while away from fixed command centers, such as Headquarters or the Flagship, it functions as a mobile node in the strategic defense system of the MFI.

While exact details about the ICCD are highly classified, it allows the IC to issue orders and recieve secure communications via voice, telemetry and other forms of data for review. In this capacity, it has also become known as the "Doomsday Device," as it holds all the personal Command Codes for Command and Control, as well as direct links to the Special Operations Command, Special Security Division and the Maquis Security Advisor.

The ICCD can also read and transmit encrypted data for review and dissemination. See an example here.

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