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Son of Worf

by Frances B. Brock


Year of Birth: 2359
Species: Klingon (75%) – Human (25%)
Father: Worf, Son of Mogh
Mother: K’Ehleyr (deceased)
Member of: House of Mogh, House of Martok (circa 2374)
Citizenship: Klingon Empire
Current Residence: IKS Rotarran
Profession: Officer in the Klingon Defense Forces
Rank: Bekk
Current Assignment: Sensor Observance

Alexander was born on the 43rd day of Mak’tag, in the Earth Year 2359, to Worf and K’Ehleyr. His mother was killed when he was approximately eight years old and that image never left him. It was the first time the youngster had seen death and he lived with the image of his father mourning over his mother’s body. Worf had a hard time adjusting to the presence of his son and found it difficult to balance a family life and his duties aboard the Enterprise, while having to care for such an unruly and very un-Klingon like youngster. He was not emotionally prepared to take care of Alexander and his rebellious spirit, so Worf sent him to be raised by his foster parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko.
Alexander Rozhenko, 2367
Alexander Rozhenko, 2367

When Alexander was approximately ten years old, his foster grandmother returned him to Worf’s custody. He was becoming difficult for the older couple to control, and Alexander had developed behavior problems which the Rozhenko’s believed only his father, as a Klingon, would be able manage and change. Aboard the Enterprise, Alexander continued his disruptive ways, bullying his fellow students and lying to his teacher and his father. Worf was distressed that his wife had not chosen to teach young Alexander the Ways of the Warrior before her death. Worf finally sought help, and got it through Deanna Troi, who became very much attached to Alexander, as did Alexander to her. So much so, that she became his guardian in the event of Worf’s death.

His adolescence remained difficult for both he and his father. Alexander made it continually clear that he was not interested in becoming a Klingon Warrior. That was made abundantly clear when Worf would take him to the Holodeck and try to instruct him on the ways of the Bat’Leth other Klingon traditions. Worf seriously considered sending Alexander to a Klingon school, hoping that an environment of strict Klingon discipline would straighten the boy out. But ultimately decided against it, because he didn’t want to lose the love of his son. Alexander, too, even with his rebellious attitude, did not want to be sent away and leave his father. Worf offered him a challenge to remain on board the Enterprise with him and they would work and grow together. Alexander accepted this challenge.

In 2372, when Worf was transferred from the Enterprise to DS9, Alexander returned to live with his grandparents. Even with the pact they had made, Worf and Alexander’s relationship over those years had not changed and they were constantly battling over their many opposing principles.
Alexander Rozhenko, 2370
Alexander Rozhenko, 2370

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Alexander Rozhenko, 2374

Alexander Rozhenko, 2374

As Alexander grew older, he became even more resentful of Worf choosing to have him live with his grandparents, rather than his father on board the Enterprise. His disenchantment ultimately led Alexander to finally embrace the Klingon ways and at approximately 24 years of age, enlisted in the Klingon Defense Force, at the height of the Dominion War, and was awarded the rank of bekk. His first ship was as a replacement officer aboard the I.K.S. Rotarran, commanded by General Martok and his father, Worf, as First Officer. Alexander had trouble adjusting to life aboard ship. He felt he was caught between two worlds. He was an unskilled warrior and displayed many human traits, which often brought conflict and ridicule by his Klingon shipmates. It also caused a great deal of concern (and embarrassment) from this father. Alexander continually made unnecessary errors during his shifts and the crew began to resent him until he volunteered to perform emergency repairs that ultimately saved the ship and its crew. It won him the begrudging respect of the crew and they began to consider him a good luck charm, rather than an albatross. Later that year, when most of the Rotarran crew were transferred to the Ya’Vang, Alexander went with them. He was ultimately made Weapons Officer.

While in service on the Rotarran, General Martok invited Worf and Alexander to join his House. During this period, the relationship with his father improved, and Worf asked him to be Best Man at his wedding to Jadzia Dax.

Alexander ultimately learned the Ways of the Warrior to Worf’s surprise and delight, and was proud when Alexander assumed the Klingon name and identified himself as Alexander, Son of Worf.
Worf and Alexander
Worf and Alexander