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B'Elanna Torres

by Leslie A. Lechner

B'Elanna Torres
Species: Half Klingon (Maternal)/Half Human (Paternal)
Home planet: Kessik IV
Affiliation: United Federation Of Planets, Maquis, & STARFLEET
Posting Chief Engineer: USS Voyager
Rank: Provisional~Lieutenant, though she was for a brief time, a Provisional~Lt. JG

Lt. Torres was born in 2349 on the Federation Colony, Kessik IV. Kessik IV was a planet in the Kessik system, in the Taurus Reach region, a world with rich dilithium crystal resources. A Federation colony was established on Kessik IV in 2264, by the crew of the mining vessel, SS Epimetheus, originally as an independent settlement. An attempt by Commodore Reyes and Ambassador Jetanien at Vanguard was overruled by the STARFLEET JAG Office in 2265.

At some later point, the Kessik IV colony formally joined the UFP. In 2349, B‘ Elanna Torres, daughter of John Torres and Miral Torres, was born on the planet, and spent much of her early life living there. John Torres was the father of Lt. Torres; B’Elanna and husband to Miral Tores. Originally, John Torres resided in Mexico, Sector 001: Planet Earth. Miral Torres, was Klingon, and was from the Klingon Planet Qo'Nos, of the Klingon Empire. Though it is just a rumor, and nothing has proven or disproven the rumor, Miral was the descendant, of the Lady Chancellor, who succeed her father Gorkon, after an assassination had been committed. However, as stated, its just a rumor, and no such documents either from the Klingon Empire, or the UFP has ever came up, or been asked to be produced, to prove or disprove the rumor. Yet, if it were true, like us humans, then B'Elanna Torres genealogy, would show in a Human definition, to having royal bloodline in her. Again, until proven otherwise, its mere speculation.

John Torres visited the planet on business in2377, and checked on the old family home. Kessik IV was one of the worlds visited by Federation President, Nanietta Bacco, during her goodwill tour in April of 2380.

B'Elanna Torres, 2350s
Torres had a troubled childhood; her human father and mother often fought, and her father ultimately left the household when she was six years old (conflicting statements also indicate that she may have been twelve). He returned to Earth, leaving her to be raised by her mother.

A mixture of Klingon and human genetics, Torres is shown as prone to aggressive outbursts. She once attacked her schoolmate Daniel Byrd after he repeatedly taunted her, calling her "Miss Turtlehead" due to her cranial ridges. Torres retained this aggressive behavior throughout her life, but she eventually learned to control it.

While in the academy, B'Elanna was constantly having trouble with the rules of Starfleet, resulting in her getting four disciplinary hearings and one suspension. But before dropping out, Torres was a valued member on the academy decathlon, making the track and field coach furious in addition to the many other professors unhappy with her choice to leave the academy.

Torres dropped out of STARFLEET Academy in 2366 at age 19. Four years later she became a member of the Maquis renegade group, and began developing a profound hatred of the Cardassians. The Maquis were formed in the 24th Century after a peace treaty was enacted between the United Federation Of Planets and the Cardassian Union, re-designating the demilitarized zone between the two powers, which resulted in the Federation ceding several of their colony worlds to the Cardassians.

Although the colonists were offered free relocation to elsewhere in Federation territory, some insisted on remaining on the ceded worlds, effectively becoming Cardassian Union Citizens. Some of these colonists subsequently formed the Maquis to protect themselves from Cardassian aggression, although they received no official support from the Federation, who feared breaking the peace treaty with the Cardassians, which would lead to war.

BElanna in the Maquis
Torres became associated with a Maquis captain named Chakotay, and was serving as chief engineer on his ship, the Val Jean. During her time with the Maquis, Torres reprogrammed a Cardassian missile known as a “Dreadnought“. The missile, built with artificial intelligence, was originally targeted at Maquis installations, when they were brought to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

Nonetheless, various Federation members supported the Maquis' cause, and illegally helped to supply them with weapons and other technology that they could use in their struggle. In several cases the Federation actually intervened in the war between the Maquis and the Cardassians, aiding the latter in recognition of the peace treaty.

In one case the Federation ship tracked a Maquis vessel to the Badlands with the intention of apprehending it but an alien being sent both to the opposite side of the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Delta Quadrant, where the two crews were forced to unite to survive against alien threats like the Kazon. (The Badlands was a region of space made up of intense plasma storms and gravitational anomalies spanning over 84 parsecs (or 274 light years).

Meanwhile, with the Maquis Ship and USS Voyager tossed clear on the other side of the galaxy, later on in following years, when the Cardassian Union joined forces with to fight in the Dominion War against the Federation, the Dominion aided the Cardassian military in obliterating the Maquis.

When both the Voyager crew and the Val Jean crew were taken to the Delta Quadrant, Harry Kim and Torres were transported to the Ocampa home world while their respective crews set out to look for them. Being the only two people from their region of the Alpha Quadrant, the two quickly formed a relationship and she nicknamed him "Starfleet" for his faith in the Federation and Starfleet. This relationship would carry on throughout the series as the two would more than occasionally work on tasks together, allowing Kim to prove his intelligence to the whole crew.

In 2371, B'Elanna Torres joined the USS Voyager crew with the rest of the Maquis from the Val Jean, as Captain Kathryn Janeway offers them the opportunity. She was placed in the engineering department, which had no clear department head because the original chief engineer was killed during the trip to the Delta Quadrant; Captain Janeway eventually promoted Torres to chief engineer based on, now Voyager’s XO, Chakotay's recommendation. Initially, Torres was very outspoken in her disapproval of Captain Janeway's decision to destroy the Caretaker's array, which had the ability to send the Voyager back home from the Delta Quadrant, and carried a small grudge against the captain. Over the first few months, Torres began respecting the captain and her decisions based on Janeway's strong leadership and their shared interest in science.

Shortly after becoming chief engineer, Torres disobeys the captain's orders when Voyager encounters a race known as the Sikarians. The Sikarians have advanced transporter technology that could drastically shorten their 70-year journey, but Sikarian law prohibits the Voyager crew from obtaining it legitimately.

Torres becomes involved with a small group of officers who obtain the technology on the Sikarian black trade market, and perpetrate a failed attempt to integrate it into Voyager's systems. Torres, along with Tom Paris, was later kidnapped by the Vidiians. A Vidiian scientist extracts the Klingon from Torres, splicing her into two separate people: one human, one Klingon. He believed the Klingon DNA had a specific biochemical property which could lead to a cure for the Phage, a disease affecting his people. The human Torres is portrayed fraught with fear and timidity, while the Klingon Torres is shown as overly aggressive. After her escape from the Vidiians the Klingon Torres suffered a fatal wound from the Vidiian energy weapon and died, but the doctor used her DNA to restore the human Torres to her original half-human half-Klingon state.

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In 2373, Torres was the target of telepathically-inspired dreams from a member of a race called the Enarans. The dreams were actually memories of a great massacre that took place on the Enaran home world, and were the elder Enaran's method of making sure that the memory of this massacre lives on, even if in the mind of an alien.

Later that year, Vulcan engineer, Vorik accidentally triggered Torres' mating instincts when he initiated a telepathic bond with her while he is experiencing the pon farr. Torres and Tom Paris later become trapped on a planet together during an away mission, and Torres attempted to get Paris to mate with her, but he resisted. Eventually, Vorik and Torres engaged in ritual battle to purge the blood fever.

B'Elanna Torres, 2376
Torres later began a relationship with Paris after a complicated and stormy courtship. During an incident in 2374, Torres confessed her love for Tom Paris to him when they were left floating in space in environmental suits, with almost no hope of rescue. Although Voyager was soon able to rescue them, Torres realized that her courage in admitting her love had brought her one step closer to discovering what she considered true honor. Their relationship first flourishes on screen during “Scientific Method.”

("Scientific Method" is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the seventh episode of the fourth season. It has an average fan rating of 4.2/5 on the official Star Trek website as of September, 2009. The episode premise is that of a group of cloaked or hidden aliens performing scientific experiments on the "Voyager" crew, and the effect the experiments have on the various crew members. The show explores this from a third party perspective, and views the events in a manner similar to the medical experiments humans perform on lab rats or other animals.)

They married in 2377 and had their honeymoon on the SS Delta Flyer. When Torres and Paris conceived their child in 2377, she learned from the doctor that the child will have distinct Klingon cranial ridges as well as other Klingon traits. Torres, remembering painful events from her own childhood, urged the Doctor to perform gene therapy to reduce this phenotype, and even went so far as to reprogram him to do so. Paris and Captain Janeway both disagreed and managed to prevent the Doctor from performing the genetic modifications.

SWhen Paris succeeded in getting her to open up, she admitted that she's afraid her husband will find living with two Klingons too difficult and will leave her the way her father did. Once he allayed her fears, he admitted wanting even more children just like their mother, and Torres was shown as finally enjoying the pregnancy.

Torres' and Paris' daughter, Miral Paris, was born in 2378, during Voyager's trip through a Borg transwarp conduit back to the Alpha Quadrant. In an alternate time line where Voyager made it home by different means, Miral was shown as an adult serving in STARFLEET, with the rank of Ensign.

However, once this situation was resolved, the USS Voyager, to make a long story short, eventually returns back to Planet Earth, and Miral is born. As to what happened after the USS Voyager returned to Earth, is yet to be uncovered, but thus is known, they were quite the happy couple in their own unique way, with their daughter; and thus being an example, of a great family.