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(KTF Dictinary of Terms Used)




avwI'wa'Dich Gunnery Sergeant - lit.  Vanguard
boQDu' Aide-de-Camp
boQwI' That which assists - Deputy
botwI' Command Sergeant Major - lit.  Blockader
bu' Sergeant 
Da' Corporal
Da'wa'Dich Lance Corporal
duy'a' Liaison or Ambassador
ech Brigadier General - Rank
etlh SuvwI' Master Gunnery Sergeant - lit.  Fencer
etlh'a' SuvwI' Master Sergeant - lit.  Lancer
ghom Group or Cell
ghom boQwI' Deputy in command of a Group
ghom ra'wI' That which commands a Group
Hegh Dead - KTF uses as an alternative to lost
HoD Colonel - Rank
la' Lieutenat Colonel - Rank
lagh Second Lieutenant - Rank
la'Hom Major  - Rank
mangHom Cadet - Rank
mIch Sector
mIch boQwI' Deputy in command of a Sector
mIch ra'wI' That which commands a Sector.
nom First Sergeant - lit.  Swift
puvwI' Sergeant Major - lit.   Flier
raDHoD Force Colonel - Rank
rIvSo' Embassy
Sa' General - Rank
Sa'HoM Major General - Rank
Sa'Sogh Lieutenant General - Rank
Sogh Marine Captain - Rank
SoghHom First Lieutenant - Rank
SuvwI' Warrior
SuvwI' pin'a' Master of Warriors
wavwI' That which Divides - a Division
wavwI' boQwI' Deputy in command of a Division
wavwI' ra'wI' That which commands a Division
yejra' Command Council
yuQDon Parallel world - Virtual Reality


It is Klingon custom to name lower ranks after pieces in Klinzha.

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