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**NONE** Ranks below and including 1st Lieutenant.

* tai- First Honorific earned as a Captain

* vestai- Second Honorific earned as a Captain

Carries over through Major and into Lieutenant Colonel

* sutai- Second Honorific earned as a Lieutenant Colonel

Carried over through Colonel

* zantai- Second Honorific earned as a Colonel

Carried over through General

* epetai- Honorific used when title of Thought Admiral is attained.

**Note this is also the Title for the head of a Klingon House**


Honorific Meanings

1) Tai (The One)

2) Vestai (The One of Battle or Battlelord)

3) Sutai (The One of Discipline or Maturity)

4) Zantai (The One of Destiny or Fate)

5) Epetai (The One who is Honored)



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