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26 November 2022
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Computer Operations Seal, designed by Samuel Cummings

MFI Computer Operations

Main Database Interface
General Member Options

When you reach the menu you will have three options:

View My Service Record
Edit My Contact Information
Logout of DB maintenance system

View My Service Record


Your service record will look roughly like this:

Navigation buttons
Picture and basic information Ribbons earned
(feature still under construction)
Contact Information #Service Record Entries
International Staff Positions
Other Group Affiliations & Positions
Navigation buttons

Menu and Logout buttons

These two buttons are on most pages. The menu button will take you back to the main menu. The logout will log you out directly without having to go back to the main menu.

Picture and Basic Information

A default picture will show unless you have uploaded a picture of yourself to the MFIwiki. To have your picture show in your record, upload it and use your member number as the filename. (Ex:MFI-RM-123.jpg) It is very important that you upload a .jpg file otherwise the picture will not show.

Your basic information includes the following:
Member number
Rank and Name
Birthday (Age)
Date Joined
Date record was last updated
Password Status
Active Status
Required Exams Completed:

LDS201(CO/XO only)

Cell Assignments

Password Status

The Password status will show one of the following:
Password has not been set: No password has been entered into the DB.
Set but not encoded: This means that a temporary password is in place, either the initial password upon joining, included in your Password email, or the result of a CC member or Membership reseting your password upon your request.
Set and MD5 encoded: This is the status you should normally see. Whenever you change your password it is encrypted in the MD5 format. No one else can see what that password is.
Set with unknown encoding: You should never see this status. If you do contact CompOps immedietly!

In addition, there is a button next to your status that will allow you to change your password. Obviously, you will have had to enter your current password to get into the system, however, as an added safety precaution you will have to enter the old password to be able to change it. Only you have this button and it will encode your new password. CC Members and Membership Dept Head have a button to allow them to reset your password. This will not encode the password. Once you have the new temporary password use either the MFIwiki system or the DB system to change and encode it.

Cell Assignments

Your Cell Assignments may show multiple cells if you are a member of more than one cell. While this is unusual and discouraged, it is by no means disallowed. MFI's only restriction is that one cannot not be a CO/XO in more than one cell. Each Cell Assignement will have a "View" button next to it to allow you to view your Cell's Service Record. It is set up similar to your own service record. No editing of the Cell's service record is permitted by general members.

Editing Basic Information

At the bottom of the general information area is an edit button. This will allow you to edit the following parts of your general information:

First Name
Last Name

These were included to allow for changes due to legal reasons and errors in data entry. Do NOT enter your persona name. You must use your actual name. A feature will be added later for you to input your persona data for use on the MFIWiki and other places.

Ribbons Earned Section

The Ribbons Earned section will (when created) maintain an updated visual record of all the ribbons you have earned. They will show as they should appear on your uniform. Please check out the Ribbons Construction section to learn how to make your own ribbons, or order them through the Quartermaster.

Contact Information Section

The following types of contact information can be entered and stored in the MFI DB System:

Postal Address
Phone Number
Main E-mail Address
Alternate Email Addresses
Personal Website URL

Others may be added at a later date. Please only keep one (1) Main E-mail Address on file at any given time. This is to be the one address you want anyone in MFI to contact you by. It will also be used by other automated system to send messages and notices to you, such as your reset password.

You will also be able to change the status of each of your points of contact listed in this section. The following people will be able to see all and edit your contact data:

CC Members and Membership Dept Head

No one else will. Setting a Contact Point to be visble will allow it to be used in future applications.

International Staff Positions

Listed here will be any standard staff positions you hold that are above the Chapter Level. Some of these positions will take other members on as staff. Those staff positions are not permanent and will not appear on this table.

Other Group Affilliations & Positions

This section is for showing membership in the various branches as well as staff positions for those offices that get listed in the International Staff Positions section. This section currently has no editing options and is created from the old DB system. Chances are the information here is wrong. It WILL be corrected later. Just be patient!

Edit My Contact Information

This is a direct link to the features detailed here.

Logout of DB maintenance system

It logs you out of the system. Once logged out you will have the choice to either sign back into the DB system or to go to the MFIwiki.

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