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Division Bylaw 1003 - Establishment of Governing Structure

The Office of the Director recognises the need for a Governing Structure to be established in order to efficiently manage the division.

The Governing Structure of the Division is therefore established as follows:

1. Director

  • The Division Director is responsible for all internal affairs in the department as well as enforcing and upholding bylaws. The Director is responsible for efficiently managing the division and its staff as well as reporting on Division Matters to the Coordinator Council of the Maquis Forces International.

2. Assistant Director

  • The Assistant Director is responsible for the day-to-day Operations of the Division reporting directly to the Director. The Assistant Director serves in a training capacity and is respected as a senior member of the division. The Asisstant Director is generally assumed to assume temporarily the Office of the Director if the Director is unable to do so.

3. Gamemaster

  • The Division Gamemaster is responsible for the efficient running of mission in liason with the Assistant Director and the Director. The Gamemaster writes the posts and ensures that they flow well from start to finish.

As Authorised At SIM FORCES COMMAND, 25 October 2008.

Commander Samuel J. Bibb Director, Maquis Forces Sim Division

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