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Division Bylaw 1005 - Revocation of Leave

Recent events rendered me temporarily unable to discharge the duties of the Office of the Director. During this time Steve Lackey has stepped in to cover the OOC Administration and IC, Greg Preast has effectively co-ordinated the current mission.

Whilst the leave was not officially entered into the bylaws directory, any formal notice of such leave is revoked and I stand ready to re-assume the Office of the Director.. My presence has been dwindling however I am proud of the division as a whole for standing strong during this time.

I do however feel that in the interests of the mission that it would be disruptive for me to begin straight away.. In fact I unofficially revoked leave a few weeks back, this is official notice of that.

The following are also to be implemented and will be put up for review in short time:

  • Mission Library
  • Character Library
  • Member Resources
  • Other applicable resources.

As Authorised At SIM FORCES COMMAND, 20 January 2009.

Commander Samuel J. Bibb Director, Maquis Forces Sim Division

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