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Pursuant to the authority vested in me as Director and Representative Co-Ordinator of the Maquis Forces International Division, the following is hereby ordered to come into effect upon the signing of this order unless explicitly stated otherwise in the content of this order.

There is a recognised need for clean, accessible and modern web-pages to be employed in order to give the division the best possible presence on the Wiki.

1. Header Iterations

The Header currently employed is to be superceded by a new design following a series of iterations. These iterations are to take place in the discussion area of the Template, with the final iteration superceding the current Header.

2. Front-Page Iterations

The Front-Page currently in use contains only very basic information, this is to be superceded and replaced by a new front-page following a series of design iterations.

The following items are mandatory for placement on the front-page.

• Contact Information • Staff Information • Links to Resources • Last Modified Function.

3. Standard Template

A standard universal template is necessary to ensure continuity throughout the pages. Through a series of iterations to be held at the page MFI RP SIM/Template_Iteration a standard template shall be devised to which all pages unless unfeasible to do so shall maintain.

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