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Division Bylaw 1008 - Creation of Engineering Library Resource

Pursuant to the authority vested in me as Director and Representative Co-Ordinator of the Maquis Forces International Simming Division, the following is hereby ordered to come into effect upon the signing of this order unless explicitly stated otherwise in the content of this order.

There is a recognised need for the implementation of resources for entry into a Central Repository as both reference to both members of the division and members of the club as a whole.

1. Creation of Engineering Library Resource

The Engineering Library Resource is hereby established by the Division as a central repository for all Star Trek Related Engineering Information.

Acknowledgement where necessary and relevant shall be given to sources used in order to publish the document

2. Submissions

Submissions for entry into this library of information should be made via e-mail to the Director, MFSD or by adding comments in the Discussion Area of the Engineering Library's MFIWikiUrl.

3. Establishment of Web Presence

The Engineering Library shall hold the url of following the naming conventions of the organisation and other libraries within the domain.

4. Integration with Central RP SIM Library

Upon the implementation and authorisation of the RP SIM Library, this library shall remain at its current place but with recognition and links to it from the Central RP SIM Library.

As Authorised At SIM FORCES COMMAND, 26 January 2009.

Commander Samuel J. Bibb Director, Maquis Forces Sim Division

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