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Regarding the Real SEAL Team Six -vs- our SEALS Team VI

Some time ago in 2011 MFI was suddenly flooded with notoriety and attention when a german TV station news team mistakenly pulled the MFI SEALS Team VI emblem from the internet and broadcast it as the real SEAL Team Six emblem. We enjoyed the attention and joined in on a really good laugh. We applauded the real operation that ended years of searching for perhaps the biggest terrorist of all time.

Now months later we are saddened to learn of the loss of a special ops helicopter in Afghanistan resulting in the loss of 38 souls-on-board. The largest group of casaulties were also members of SEAL Team Six, along with crewmembers of 160th SOAR, 7 Afghans, and one interpreter.
We do NOT take this loss lightly. NAVY SEAL members routinely undergo extensive training that is often just as dangerous as wartime ops. They train hard for the hardest missions. True Professional Warriors and Peacemakers.

We grieve the loss. It is no joke this time. Families are traumatized. Fellow Warriors feel the pain. MFI salutes these Warriors with thanks and respect.

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Maquis SEALS Pin


In the 20th & 21st Century, The U.S. Navy's Special Operations Force was the SEALs. "SEAL" Stood for SEa Air & Land forces. In the 23rd & 24th Century, "SEALS" (with an additional Capitol 'S') Stands for SEa Air Land & Space. SEALS are employed in direct action and special reconnaissance operations. SEALS are also capable of employing unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, and counter-terrorism missions.


21st C SEAL Pin

  • 1943: Under-Water Demolition Teams (UDT) began training, one year prior to the Normandy invasion. UDT was the "father" of the U.S. Navy SEALs.
  • 1961: The Chief of Naval Operations recommended the establishment of guerrilla and counter-guerrilla units. Realizing the governments favor of the Army's Green Berets, the Navy needed to determine its role within the Special Forces arena. SEALs units would be able to operate from Sea, Air or Land. Many initial SEAL members were recruited from the Navy's seasoned UDT units, who had already gained experience in commando warfare in Korea.

23rd & 24th Century SEALS

Starfleet SEALS Operations Command Pin

Along with special reconnaissance operations, unconventional warfare and counter-terrorism missions, SEALS may be employed to offer special security functions aboard Starships as Boarding Party agents, Space Stations in Secure Areas and Planet-Side Bases.

Special Security agents were employed aboard the USS Enterprise and Enterprise-A during its missions to Ceti Alpha VI, Nimbus III, its rendezvous with Qo'noS 1 and at the Khitomer Accord.

Starfleet SEALS OPERATIONS COMMAND was headed by ADM Orlando "Hawk" Ramirez II from Stardate 8903.00 through 9608.00. ADM Ramirez himself personally recruited Dr. R J McCoy into SEALS and seriously considered joining the Maquis cause as well.



MFI's Utilization

Maquis SEALS Pin

Many of MFI's original members were Former-Members of Starfleet SEALS Operations Command. Early Tactics & Strategy used in organizing MFI, as well as the MFI Awards ribbons later adopted by MFI, were brought over from those aspects used in 'SEALS Ops Command' Circa Stardate 9506.00.

Early in MFI's history, the need to organize a specialized SEALS type training program was a low priority and Special Teams were temporarily commissioned on an As Needed basis. As MFI grew, the need for special needs operations grew, ADM Robert J McCoy started assessing the potential of various SSD, SOC and MFMC members, as well as other Cells' Members, in order to organize MFI SEALS. MFS Sutherland has been designated the MFI SEALS Training Vessel and the home of SEALS Team 1. Sutherland transports SEALS Trainees to various Class planets in and around the Badlands, in order to give potential SEALS the diverse experience needed to fight & survive in adverse conditions. During these training missions, Team I acts as the Aggressor Team (bad guys).

As in other Special Operations groups, Maquis Forces SEALS are occasionally called upon to engage in sensitive classified operations and Special Security, along side other SSD and SOC agents. They, like most SEALS teams are forward deployed aboard key Maquis vessels, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

In addition to their primary team Specialty/Assignment, each member is expected to train to maintain proficiency in multiple mission and fleet skills such as Field Medicine, Shipboard Engineering, Combat Engineering, Weapons & Munitions (both conventional and improvised), Linguistics, Computer Systems, Stealth & Evasion, Unarmed Combat, Personal mind resistance/blocking techniques, Zero-G/Extreme Environment operations & survival.

Maquis Uniform B.jpg Uniform seals.gif

SEALS Ships & Equipment

Runabouts: The workhorse of the SEALS Teams

  • Danube Class Runabouts:
The standard Danube Class Runabout is especially useful for Low Profile missions, where a high performance Arrow Class would stick out. The interchangeable Runabout Modules make it easy to configure these small Warp Capable ships for a variety of missions.
  • Arrow Class Runabouts:
    Arrow 01.jpg
Maquis Forces Research & Development has designed several Arrow Class Runabout Specialty Modules to enable MFI SEALS to deploy on both short term and Long Term Space and Planet-side missions.
Like all Runabouts, Arrows are capable of being reconfigured for multiple mission parameters using the complete complement of module selections carried aboard Mother ships.

Type 9 Shuttles

Armed Shuttles:
The Type-9 is small enough to be carried aboard a "VQ" Group Maquis Raider but large enough to transport supplies, as well as supply extra fire-power in hazardous situations. The Type 9 has been retrofit to include 2 Micro-Torpedo tubes: 1 Fore / 1 Aft. Thanks to USS Voyager finding a "new" form of dilithium, the Type 9 can achieve maximum speeds in excess of Warp 9.
For Full specifications on the Type 9 Shuttle, see Support Craft

Argo Buggies

  • Three Person Medium Recon/Ground Assault Buggy
The "Argo" style ATV comes in very handy as a land based reconnaissance vehicle, especially on planets with atmospheric conditions which interfere with Scanners and Tricorders. The buggy has the capability to roof-mount phaser rifles and comes in handy for mechanised land assault incidents. Runabouts are capable of holding 2 Buggies each. Maquis Raiders can hold up to 6 buggies.
For Full specifications on the Buggy, see Support Craft

Grav Bikes

  • One Person Medium Range Recon
Anti-gravity bikes (Grav Bikes) are the modern equivalent of the Earth motorcycle. The Harley Davidson HGW-1888 "Heavy Grav Bike" is capable of carrying up to two persons in tandem, and a moderate amount of stowage in the rear pannier. Widely used as short-range transportation for reconnaissance, they consist of an anti-gravity generator, a micro-fusion power source, an RCS thruster system and a seat. They have no life support systems or shields. The HGW is armed with a Type III Phaser emitter and enhanced short range sensors.
For more info and specifications, see Support Craft

Established Teams

Our ADM R J McCoy, being a former Starfleet SEALS Operations Command Chief of Staff, has been selected by Maquis Forces International and has designated MFS Sutherland, under his command as the Maquis SEALS Command Training vessel and home of SEALS Team 1.

Teams 7 & 8 are unassigned at this time.

MFI-Seals-Team1.jpg MFI-SEALS-Team2.jpg Seals-Team3.jpg Seals-Team4.jpg
Seals-Team5.jpg Seals-Team6.jpg Seals-Team7.jpg Seals-Team8.jpg
. Seals-Team9.jpg Seals-Team10.jpg .

Check Out & Give Opinions On These Possible Team Logos

More Back History and Technical Information To Come


Original S.E.A.L.S. Operations Command Logo designed by Orlando "Hawk" Ramirez
  • MFI SEALS Logo & Pin Created by R Johnson (ADM R J McCoy, MD)
  • Original Arrow Runabout Design:
Malcolm Lu (Galen)
Andrew Gillespie (Kaden)
  • Arrow Runabout Mesh:
Mark Azevedo (Maz1701)
  • More Resources as needed to come

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