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Weapons & Countermeasures

Class VI Damping Probe

Utilizing the Menthar technology used in the "Aceton Assimilators" as a jumping off point, Maquis R&D has been able to modify the Federation Class VI probes to drain a vessel's RCS Batteries at a constant rate, as well as depleting their Deuterium, in direct proportion to the amount of power expended by an enemy in order to attempt their escape. Unlike the Menthar's Aceton Assimilators, MFI probes do not emit deadly radiation of any sort, they simply act as a collector / damper in order to disable an enemy vessel. Maquis R&D is still researching the BEST way to expend the energy collected in these probes, whether to use the energy as a defensive energy weapon in itself, or as a power source to be collected and used at encampments.

"Aceton" Torpedo

Thor's Photon Torpedoes have also been modified to encase power assimilating warheads which will react to negate the enemy vessel's Anti-matter stores, rendering it unable to escape (or pursue).

Deck Plans

"Hmm... I Wonder What THIS Button Does..."

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