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Ninth and final ship of the initial run of the Arrow Class Experimental Runabout. Named after the Greek Sun God, MFS Apollo has plenty of "fire"power of her own. Apollo is classified as an Interceptor like two of her sister ships, Athena and Artemis. Like her twin sistership Artemis, Apollo has a special additional designation, this one being "Destroyer". Replacing much of her crew oriented space, Apollo carries a complement of newly developed "Phased Torpedoes". These weapons enlist the casing and basic internal systems of a standard Photon Torpedo, but it's warhead is a higher yield and a phasing system has been added. This phasing system is based on the metaphasic shield tested by the USS Enterprise nearly a decade ago gives the torpedoes the ability to 'skip' past a target's shields and either impact against the hull, or inside the ship itself, causing much more damage then a torpedo hitting shields. However, due to the inclusion of the new systems and a larger warhead, range is extremely limited precluding these weapons from being carried on many "capital" starships. Due to the agility and ability for smaller craft such as the Arrow to maneuver in close to targets, this weapon system has been tailored made to suit their needs.

"Borg Cube... You ARE The Weakest Link"

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