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Attack Force Squadron (VFA) 12

"Wyld Stallyns"

Back-Story yet to come.

Wyld Stallyns is a Composite Squadron, made up of several different Maquis Raider variants assigned to escort and compliment MFS Sutherland. Wyld Stallyns flies in a formation of 5 ships and has 4 additional ships in reserve, on standby. Wyld Stallyns launch from IMS Sutherland's converted (Decks 3, 4 & 5) Hangar Bays.

Wyld Stallyn Leader (WS1)
Bermuda Refit - Patrol Vessel
"Bermuda" Deck 2 Refit

Wyld Stallyn 2 (WS2) & Wyld Stallyn 3 (WS3)

Dodge City Refit - Boarding Vessel
"Dodge City" Deck 2 Refit

Wyld Stallyn 4 (WS4) & Wyld Stallyn 5 (WS5)

Brazos Refit - Attack/Recon Jamming EW
"Brazos" Deck 2 Refit

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