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Type: Fighter

Armaments: Phaser cannons, Micro-torpedo launchers, torpedo launcher, Pylons for fitting up to four (later eight) Photon torpedoes Defenses: Deflector shields, Decoy Drones

Crew: 1 to 2

The Peregrine-class (also known as the Federation Fighter) was a type of shuttlecraft and fighter craft employed by the Federation. The Maquis appropriated several of these ships and used them as attack fighters during their insurrection against the Cardassian Union. Starfleet used them during the Dominion War.

During Operation Return, several waves of fighters were sent to attack the Cardassian ships of a Dominion fleet. It was hoped they would anger the Cardassians enough for them to break formation, knowing the Jem'Hadar wouldn't falter, and go after the fighters, thus opening a hole in their lines.

Individually these fighters do not pose much of a threat to starships and therefore normally operated in groups. To facilitate this they were often deployed on ship with large shuttlebays such as the Akira-class and El Dorado-class

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