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Idea page for MFMC Orbital Assault Infantry

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OASI, Orbital Assault Shock Infantry
"OASI is the first to step foot into hell"
Commanding Officer: Colonel Tyler Pugh Executive Officer: Force Colonel David Breland

Known for their courage, valor, and at times, insanity, Orbital Assault Shock Infantry are among the fiercest MFMC soldiers, priding themselves on being the first unit deployed into hostile situations

The Orbital Assault Shock Infantry (OASI) are an elite group of MFMC Marines that specialize in special warfare tactics. The OASI's are one of the primary Special Operations units of the Maquis Force Marine Corps, and is under the command of MFMC Maquis Forces Marine Corps.


The Orbital Assault Shock Infantry are a Special Operations Force in the MFMC. The OASIs are under the operational authority of MFMC. Their methods of operation allow them to conduct missions against targets that more conventional forces cannot approach undetected. OASIs are recruited from the Special Operations Groups of all Areas of the Known Universe and is a strictly all volunteer force. Potential OASIs are selected because of their performance in their chosen MOS, every OASI candidate is a veteran from another Special Operations outfit and therefore have already gone through at least two layers of screening and months of intense training — not counting the years of training received before volunteering for the OASIs. There is no age or gender bias — as long as the candidate meets the physical and mental requirements they are guaranteed the opportunity to try out for the OASIs. Once in the OASIs, a candidate's training continues - its entrance requirements serve as a third layer of screening upon two more, where applicants would have theoretically failed to pass. Candidates would, therefore, already have extensive experience in conducting the types of high-risk missions that the Orbital Assault Shock Infantryman typically perform.

OASI units are not embedded within conventional MFMC forces, they do however participate in joint operations, and tend to be force multipliers - increasing the effectiveness, willingness, and morale of those they fight alongside. OASI combat teams usually consist of six to eight - with each combat team specializing in a particular mission set, but they are expected to be flexible enough to adapt to any given situation. These combat teams however can vary from company to company. Each combat team also consists of ten to fourteen operators, each of whom has a specific function on the team. OASIs are known for their unusual methods of insertion, dropping from orbit onto terrestrial environments. Similar to their Infantry counterparts, the OASIs maintain units of varying strength aboard many Maquis vessels and Installations.

The OASIs perform highly specialized, small scale, high-risk operations including:

OASI Armory work in progress

Pulse Phaser Rifle

Designed for ground forces this weapon fires phased pulses instead of a beam enabling the weapon to have greater effect on phaser dampening armor or technology, the pulse also allows for a lower profile than the beam. The weapon also comes equipped with countermeasures to dampening fields and is made of a stronger alloy so it can take the punishment of grueling environments and operations. The weapon comes with mounts allowing it to carry additional accessories such as a under carriage grenade launcher, tactical lights or sights.



Pulse Phaser Rifle(Close Quarters Battle)



Pulse Phaser Rifle(Squad Automatic Weapon)

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