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For the initial construction of the MFMC Armor "Branch"

Recently it was decided to add a Traditional Armored Component in addition to the MEKK Branch. Colonel Charles Shananaquet II, will be responsible for its development. The CO Armor Branch will also confer with the Deputy Commandant MFMC while the sub-branch is under development. Final approval for its development will rest with the Commandant MFMC.
Currently the Maquis Marines Armor Organizational Structure is organized as follows: An Tank Regiment has 3 Battalions of 58 Tanks; each Battalion has 4 Companies of 14 Tanks plus two for the Battalion Commander and Battalion S-3 (Operations Officer) plus other support vehicles needed for the running of the Battalion in combat operations; each Company has 3 Platoons of 4 tanks plus two tanks for the Company Commander and Company Executive Officer and other support vehicles. A Platoon is the Basic unit in the Armor Branch, it has 4 tanks. Tank Companies are assigned to Battalions, tanks rarely operate in units smaller than Company size, unless a specialized mission is assigned to a Armor Platoon; ie. Reconnaissance, Special Ops, rescue, etc.

All other information, for security purposes, is classified TOP SECRET.

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