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Maquis Forces Marine Corps Uniform Guidelines


MFMC Uniform Guidelines

One of the many things MFMC members enjoy the most is making their uniforms to wear. Whether wearing to a cell meeting/function or a convention, the MFMC uniform regulations were made to allow MFI Marines to have "standards" while still allowing enough room for creative individualization and recognition of success.

There are many different uniforms, and many different insignias, awards and accessories you can wear on them. The MFMC has several "unique" things about it, including some of our patches, awards and ribbons. However, remember one thing. It is **NOT** mandated that you wear a uniform, or any of the things on it. We only ask, that you adhere to our guidelines if you so choose to wear one. Uniforms are optional, but are still a highly enjoyed "right" of MFI membership. We always use the term "authorized" to wear an award, because it is always that situation. MFI and the MFMC do not provide you with the actual award ribbon itself (except in highly unique circumstances) either purchasing it, or making it is the responsibility of the member. We'll point you to sources for the "example" items we've authorized, and we'll even tell you step-by-step how to fabricate them... but in the end it's YOUR responsibility. The Maquis themselves only were in "uniform" once during Star Trek: DS9. Even on Voyager, while they had unique rank insignia, they wore Starfleet uniforms. Therefore, both the "Maquis" uniforms made and authorized by FADM (ret.) Gary Davis are authorized, as are any and all Starfleet uniforms. In cases where the Army or USMC insignia can not be suitably altered in order not to offend active duty personnel any other sci-fi insignia that equals that MOS etc is authorized. Using established emblems makes obtaining them much easier; changing them is recommended (different color, etc.).

  • Members who have served, or are currently serving in their respective Nation's Armed Services are authorized to wear either their branch of Service, or Unit/Regimental lapel pin on the right pocket of their uniform. Note that Trade Qualification pins are not authorized for wear. Trade qualification pins include Pilot Wings, Paratroop wings, marksmanship qualifications, etc.

Note suggestions on where to buy Shoulder Cords, Berets, etc. ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS and are for reference only. If you want to buy from elsewhere have fun. Cell COs set the "Uniform of the Day" standards for your cell.

These are general information for all MFMC Uniform suggestions.

Both the Maquis rank pins, and the USMC style rank pins are authorized for MFI Marines. The Maquis style ones are preferred, but we realize that access to the USMC ones is greater. Both may be worn in a matte or subdued finish for BDU and mess "working" uniforms, but are mandated in polished color for Mess Dress and "Formal" uniforms. Rank insignias are authorized to be worn on the tunic, undershirt or jacket's right collar. OR they may be worn on the MFMC beret, centered on the Corps patch. Pins are to be centered top-to-bottom on the collar/patch and spaced 1 inch back from any leading vertical edge. Maquis rank pins--solid (plain) & green background variant are allowed Rank insignias will be worn on the wearer’s right collar. Insignia indicating a branch activity (Intel/Logistics/Aviation, etc.) will be worn on the wearer's left collar, a Maquis Pin may also be worn on the left collar instead of the branch activity.


Gold trimming of both Duty and Dress uniform tunic collars & cuffs is authorized for officers holding rank of Force Colonel and above. Red trimming of collars and cuffs is hereby authorized for any Marine officer who holds a command postion.


On "canon" Trek uniforms, the Departmental color for the Marines is preferred to be Kelly (Dark) Green. Black and/or Grey undertunics are also authorized for Marines per MFI guidelines.


The MFI approved Maquis commbadge may bear a "Marine" fouled anchor logo or MFMC logo. It is worn centered above the "award row" on the left breast. MFI, MFMC & Marine Communicators offered by Maquis Quartermasters are acceptable. Award ribbons are centered 3 wide below the commbadge. Aviator, Flight Surgeon or MEKK "wings" are worn centered directly (above) the commbadge.


Black military style. It can be worn with a MFMC Patch, pin, or Maquis symbol Recon members may wear a red beret. Cadets may wear a white beret.
All beret types are from Glendale though they can be purchased anywhere. Glendale's website is Item type is 4062.
Black Ball Cap: Black Winter or summer weight, MFMC patch, pin or Maquis Symbol.
MFI Echelon Badge May be worn centered on the right breast. Additional wreaths/insignia to it are hereby authorized, depending on the MFI ruling.


Note in all cases positional shoulder cords will take precedence over grade specific shoulder cords. Example, a Lt. General Regimental Commander would wear the Regimental Commander Cord. When ordering shoulder cords from Glendale: Army-Style Shoulder Cord: Two Colors #452C2

Order #452, it allows for 2-color combos. When ordering, make sure the code for the outer color is listed first, followed by the inner color code. Example: #452C2SCBK. The code reads as: type 452, 2-color (C2), outer color=scarlet (SC) inner color=black (BK). on the 452 styles if a pin attachment is desired just add "P" to the order code and on all army-style cords, they can also be made with an extra 5 & 10 inches added. Again just add "X5" for add'l 5 in & "X10" for add'l 10 in and add the fees.

The cord may be added to the left shoulder. A plain black button may be added to this shoulder, for this purpose. (shoulder cords with plain pins can be purchased) (or under shirt epaulette)

  • Note retired members of the MFMC Council may retain their shoulder cord color and act as advisors to current Marine Administration.

[Glendale list (]
Cadets: Buff. Shoulder cord type 452.
Royal Blue: all Marines not otherwise covered under another cord type. Shoulder cord type 452.
White: Sergeant Major of the MFMC. Shoulder cord type 452.
Pine Green: Detachment/Company OICs. Shoulder cord type 452.
Scarlet (bright red): Regimental OICs. Shoulder cord type 452.
Black (outer color)/Scarlet (Inner color: Regimental Staff. Shoulder cord type 454C2.
Grey: Marine Flag Officers not on MFMC Council or otherwise not covered under a postional cord type. Shoulder cord type 452.
Gold: Members of MFMC Council. Shoulder cord type 452.
Gold (outer color)/Maroon (inner color): Members of the MFMC Council Staff. Shoulder cord type 454C2.

FEMALE VARIANTS (Formal/Mess Dress, Duty uniforms) Note females are not required to use the female variant if they do not wish Any female MFI Marine may replace Dress Trousers with a Dress Skirt, if they so wish. This is a plain black skirt hemmed so that the edge falls within a range of 1 inch above or below the knee, with a one inch vertical Blood-Red stripe (optional) running from the waistband to the bottom edge of the skirt. The skirt can be with, or without, side hip pockets. All headgear, neckwear and footwear may be switched to a more feminine style, if desired. Duty trousers may be replaced with a Duty Skirt, if so desired. All skirts are to be worn with plain black pumps, highly polished and without bows or decorations; with a heel of no more than 3 inches. Stockings or pantyhose may be flesh-toned, without visible decorations or lace or seams. Female Marines are authorized to wear a white US Navy Women's Service Hat, if they so wish. Shoes can be black closed-toe flats.


CLASS A - Formal Dress

The Dress Uniform is always comprised of a Dress Jacket, Dress Trousers, and undertunic in Marine colors; plus the accessories and accoutrements the wearer is authorized to bear. The Dress jacket, regardless of style is trimmed with 1/16 inch piping around the collar, cuffs, and the closure if desired of whatever trimming the wearer is authorized to have. The Dress trousers should be black, straight legged without flares or cuffs, low waisted and have side hip pockets. There is a wide range of acceptable materials, but every effort should be to use the same material as used in the Dress Jacket. A one inch wide Blood-Red vertical stripe is authorized for the Dress Trousers, if desired, on the outside seam of each trouser leg, running from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the trouser leg. The Dress Trousers may be worn bloused, or unbloused with Dress Shoes or combat boots. White pistol belt and white gloves for highest formal uniform, otherwise black pistol belt. Both belts to be worn on outside of jacket. A black web belt or leather belt is authorized for wear with this uniform, with a gold buckle, lined up with the buttons on the shirt and the pants closure. Non-Coms and Enlisteds will wear a web belt with a silver buckle. Beret is the headgear for this uniform. Tunic: grey is the standard turtleneck insert color to be worn with regular duty tunic or dress tunic for MFMC council members and staff. Black turtleneck for all other Marines.

  • green is authorized and can be worn by all marines.

CLASS B - Mess Dress A low-cost alternative to the Formal Dress Uniform. it consists of a long sleeved black (blue-as in the blue aviator shirt from may be substituted) shirt or blouse, Dress Trousers, the black Four-In-Hand necktie (with long-sleeved shirt, women may chose the "tab" style) and the accessories/accoutrements the wearer is authorized to bear. The shirt is long sleeved and the preferred style has two chest pockets which button down, with shoulder epaulettes. This is called often an "aviator" shirt and is easy to find is stores that sell to policemen and security officers. The shirt is worn tucked in, so that the front row of buttons line up with the belt buckle and the closure of the pants. The Dress Trousers are described above in the Formal Dress Uniform. The Four-in-Hand necktie should be black in color and without adornment or design. If a tie clasp is used to secure it, the clasp must be small, gold in color and plain in style. The "tab" style should also be plain black. A black web belt or leather belt is authorized for wear with this uniform, with a gold buckle, lined up with the buttons on the shirt and the pants closure. Dress shoes or boots are authorized for wear on the feet. A short-sleeved "aviator" styled shirt is optional. No tie is required with short-sleeved shirt. If worn with tie and gloves, it counts as a formal uniform. Non-Coms and Enlisteds will wear a web belt with a silver buckle. Beret is the headgear for this uniform.

CLASS C - Duty Uniforms This is the biggest area of variation. Any and all Starfleet uniforms are hereby approved, as are the "Maquis" uniforms approved by the MFI. Duty Uniforms usually consist of a Duty Jacket, Duty Trousers and the Duty Undertunic, as well as accessories/accoutrements the wearer is authorized to bear. One common sample is a Black button down shirt, long sleeve. With black pants, with or without stripe. Black shoes or boots. Beret or ball cap. Subdued or normal web belt. And other add-ons as one is authorized to wear. Can just be commbadge, rank, and name tag.

CLASS D - Fatigues/Black BDUs Black Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs) blouse & pants worn with black undershirt. BDU blouse sleeves can be worn rolled up. Pants can be worn bloused. Black web belt with black (or gold) buckle. Black pistol belt (optional) may be worn over BDU blouse. Name tapes and ‘MFMC’ tapes are to be black with yellow writing. Additional: Pilots wings are best above pocket on right side. Left for Comm badge etc. Arm patches (optional) of the MFMC emblem will be placed on tunics/shirts left arm, 1/2 inch below left shoulder seam, and centered. Same for MFI patch on right arm. Unit or Regimental patch is to be centered on front right pocket.

Additions: 1 - Arm patches (optional) of the MFMC emblem will be placed on tunics/shirts right arm. MFI patch on the left, 1/2 inch below left shoulder seam, and centered. All uniforms. 2 - Ribbons, name plate and wings is best worn on to the right of the second button on the Dress Jacket. Or start placement 1/2 above pockets on shirts etc. Place as desired if not otherwise covered in this manual. 3 - Prop equipment - such tricorders, medkits, etc. are not authorized for wear with the Dress Uniform.

  • prop energy weapons can be worn.

4 - Commbadge and specialty badges are best worn at second button level on left side. (roughly 1/2 in above left pocket.).

Additional Notations: Black Web Belt with gold Buckle is authorized for all uniforms, though a subdued one is good for BDUs, as well as green or black Pistol Belt.

Uniform Fatigues: Uniform D Type 2.

  • note it comes in two forms
  • also other colors can be substituted if there's a need.

Tunic is a T-shirt, pants are Black BDU pants, black sweatpants, or black shorts Headgear, optional (Maquis ball cap encouraged) Footwear, Tennis/Athletic shoes Additional: Rank and other insignia may be worn on cap or on shirt as wished.

  • Note 1-Non standard uniforms not listed can be acceptable provided the

general guidelines (rank pin suggested location etc.) are upheld in addition to the following:

  • Note 2-That said uniform or outfit can not be seen as a serious

attempt to portray any military or law enforcement organization.

UNIFORM SOURCES: 1-The MFMC Itself-Patches, Name taps etc.
Also Maquis Quartermasters
Carries Berets, US Army branch insignia, web/pistol/parade belts, CAP Cadet & US officer insignia, shoulder cords (just about all colors) inregular lengths and with an additional 5" or 10" custom jobs, ribbons and accessories, etc.

QUARTERMASTER ( Offers military & public safety items (rank insignia, BDUs, some berets).

US CAVALRY ( Carries flight suits, BDUs, and other items.
THE HOCK SHOP: Great for ribbons, name plates for the dress uniform, etc...
CLICKET: Great ST stuff.

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