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Type: Attack fighter

Length: 20 m

Beam: 14 m

Draft: 5 m


- Mark 1[Twin Type X Phaser cannons, Type IX array, Photon/Quantum torpedo launcher]

- Mark 2 [alternating pulse phasers, Twin Polaron beams, Twin Charged Polaron beams, Compression phaser, Trilithium warhead,Quantum Torpedoes]

- Mark 3 [Twin Disrupters, pulse disrupters, Twin Polaron Beams, Twin Charged Polaron Beams, fwd compression phaser, Protomatter missles, Trilithium mines Defenses: Deflector shields]

The Valkyrie-class was designed as a replacement for the Peregrine-class fighter designed in the 2360s. It was a superior fighter that made use of advances in technology from the 2370s. It was similarly armed but was faster and more manoeuvrable. 2375, after the conclusion of the Dominion War, saw the first operational Starfleet squadron of Valkyries.

By 2381, however, these fighters were still being deployed in fairly limited numbers, and were often shuffled around the fleet, The USS Beliskner received a squadron of Valkyrie fighters for flight evaluations when it was upgraded to Space Control Ship specs, but they would soon be replaced by upgraded Peregrine-class fighters when the vessel was returned to fleet.

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