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The Veritech Fighter had the unique ability to transform from a jet fighter into a humanoid form, known as a battle mecha. This actually arose from the human misunderstanding of Dylithium. The basic properties of this new power source seemed to encourage such modularity, although no other species, ever used this in their combat mecha. However, it produced a mecha of unparalleled maneuverability and functionality. It could race over a ground target at Mach 3, strafing with missiles and machine guns, then convert to a ground unit and mop up, secure the area, etc. It also has a third mode, Guardian, a tank mode, which was not part of the initial design. This is sort of a transitional phase between Fighter and Battle mech. It was initially only planned to be used for VTOL landings and rapid deceleration. However, test pilots quickly learned to use this useful mode in combat, allowing instant changes of direction, height and speed. And with the GU-11 gun point in the jet's hand, they could even fly in one direction, and shoot in another! There are 4 models of the Valkyrie, the VF-1A, VF-1J, VF-1S and VF-1D. The A, J, and S are all single seat fighters, and identical in all aspects except number of head lasers. The VF-1D however, is a two-seat trainer, but still fully combat capable. Also, due to their dilithium-powered engines, Veritechs can operate at full capacity in space. One other point to note is that in Battle mech mode, the mecha has agility beyond anything the average human is capable of. Any moves that the pilot can do, the mecha can easily copy, including martial arts attacks.


Fighter :

Speed: 2,676mph

Height: 16ft

Width: 48ft

Weight: 18 tons

Range: 5 years continual use 12 year average

Guardian :

Speed: 670mph

Height: 22.3ft

Width: 48ft

Battle Mech : Speed:670mph, 60mph running, 120mph flying


• 2 high powered lasers in upper thighs. Forward firing in jet/guardian modes.

• 1/2/4 lasers mounted on head. Vary by model.

• Various numbers of short/medium/long ranged missiles. Warhead types vary from smoke to nuclear.

• GU-11 Gun Pod. Standard issue 53-mm triple barreled rotary cannon

Conventional hand-to-hand attacks such as punch, kick, stomp or body block.

• 1 x Hughes GU-11 55mm three barreled smoothbore rotary gun pod; has a 200 round capacity. Cannon fires APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) and HESH-I (High Explosive Squash Head-Incendiary) rounds at 1200 rounds/minute. Can fire in all modes: usually mounted on centerline hardpoint or in the Battle mecha’s /Guardian’s hand.

• 1 x Rheinmetall GU-12 single smoothbore barrel gun pod. Fires 105mm APFSDS and HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) semi-combustible case munitions at 45 rounds/minute. Ammunition supply is 40 rounds.

• 1 x Westinghouse ALQ-203 multi-spectrum jammer, typical use is with VF-1F Wild Weasel version. a number of dedicated military payloads: sensor pods, weapons, or cargo pods.

• 3 x medium range (65 km) Mach 3.0 combined active radar and thermal imager guided AMM-1 Stiletto missiles on a specialized MER (Multiple Ejection Rack). Various warhead options.

• 1 (inner) or 2 (outer) x Firebird missiles. A conventional warhead mounted on the frame of a RMS missile with a range of 234 km and a speed of Mach 6.5, guided by a combined IIR and active/passive radar seeker.

• 1 (inner) or 2 (outer) x RMS-1 "Angel Of Death" Nuclear Stand-off missiles. Reaction warhead (200 kT) mounted on a long range (250 km) Mach 4.0 combined multi-spectrum imager and active radar homing Reflex missiles. Customized for anti-starship operations. Maximum delta-v in space is 4 kps.

• or 1 x Silencer Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM).

• or 3 x Alarm anti-radiation missiles. Mounted to a MER.

• or 3 x Mk-82LDGP 230kg bombs; various fuse options, laser-guided. Mounted to a MER.

• or 3 x AGM-65R Maverick air-to-ground missiles. Mounted to a MER.

• or 1 x UMM-7; Armored container with 15 short range (2.5 kps in space) infra-red imager passive radar homing HMM-01 120mm Starburst missiles (from 2014 onward).

• or 1 x UMM-9; Armored container with 10 short range (8 km) Mach 3.0 combined infra-red imager and active radar homing 190mm Hammerhead missiles, firing from five tubes. Various warhead options (from 2017 onward).

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