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Technical Data

Special Weaponry

During the Dominion War, Starfleet and its allies worked on specific tactical upgrades to any type of starship that would be used in combat against Dominion forces. The plan was to increase defensive and offensive capabilities that would allow ships to stay in a fire-fight longer. Through this design strategy, the Nebula Class, as well as other Classes, was able to add an impressive array of specialized weapons and Defensive Systems.

  • Shield Disruptor: This weapon was based on technology adapted from the Breen's Energy dampening weapon. It disables the shields of a group of enemy ships for a short time, allowing weapons to damage the hull and systems directly. Alternating Shield Disruptors with Phased Torpedoes, allows for an effective 1 - 2 punch in a battle.
  • Gemini Effect: The Gemini Effect was created as a result of Dr. Paul Manheim's temporal research in 2364 (TNG: We'll Always Have Paris). The effect creates a temporal disturbance in the Space-Time Continuum, allowing two of the same ship to exist simultaneously in different locations for a brief period.
  • Point Defense Phaser (PDP): The initial concept for this weapon goes back as far as the 20th century, with the "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative. Perfected in 2374, the PDP destroys incoming torpedoes before they can do any damage.
  • Engineering Team: Allows this ship to repair a allied ship, restore shields @ 50% capacity.


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